Truffles are becoming one of the most popular up and coming ingredients in food these days, especially in local Fairfield restaurants. And if you thought truffles as in chocolate, you are basically a decade behind in trends. 

Truffles are a fungus that are found in the ground, particularly in Italy. You can't smell them with just the human nose but with the help of man's best friend, a dog. Just ask Oprah who lived out our dreams and went to Italy to check truffle hunting off her bucket list

Made into butter, oil or sauces, you are sure to come across truffle incorporated foods anywhere you go in Fairfield. Just as a precautionary note, it might be difficult for you to say no to these truffle dishes in Fairfield once you've been exposed. We've put together a list of the best restaurants with truffle dishes in Fairfield.

1. Craft 260

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Craft 260 is all about comfort food. Combining traditional pizza with upscale truffle oil, this is a combination you won't want to miss. The truffle oil is drizzled on top of mushrooms, garlic, mozzarella, shaved red onions, pecorino and arugula. But in case you want to go all out, make sure to take into consideration their mushroom risotto with mushrooms, pecorino, sherry and truffle oil. 

2. Little Pub

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With winter coming around, make sure to stop by this restaurant and order some warm Mac N' Cheese- accompanied by truffle oil of course. And for all of you New Englanders, this is a two for one as the mac is filled with yummy clumps of lobster. But in case you can't get to the Fairfield location they also have restaurants in Ridgefield, Wilton, and Greenwich. 

3. Plan B 

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If your mouth isn't drooling by now, it should be. If I am ever in doubt about what to eat in downtown Fairfield, this is my go to. This burger will make your eyes roll to the back of your head. A beef patty topped with sautéed mushrooms, mushroom spread, Swiss cheese and of course, truffle mayo. Like I said, drooling. And in case that wasn't enough truffle for you, make sure to upgrade your fries to truffle fries for just $.99 more.

4. Molto

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Molto is notorious for their pasta dishes but the next time you go there, don't jump to the entrée just yet. Molto has exceptional tapas, two of which are truffle infused. The first one is Brussel sprouts roasted in truffle honey with pancetta. The second tapas is parmesan encrusted roasted cauliflower served with truffle cream sauce. In case you are asking yourself "Do I really need an appetizer?" just remember the USDA recommends two to three cups of vegetables per day.

5. The Chelsea

Since it is fall, it only makes perfect sense for you to order dishes that are autumn inspired. At The Chelsea, they combine a classic fall vegetable, butternut squash, with the inevitable truffle oil. Their dish, butternut squash ravioli, is a classic that will give you all the fall feels. The ravioli is served in a sage brown butter sauce, truffle, pomegranate seeds and parmesan cheese.

6. Brick + Wood

Cheese is honestly the best. Need a snack? Eat cheese. Need more flavor? Add cheese. Drinking wine? Pair with cheese. Brick + Wood is not only known for their pizza but also their mozzarella and burrata bar. Brick + Wood serves burrata with a truffle filled center (mouth drop). If you are deciding to skip the pizza, this will be enough to fill your stomach. Served with prosciutto and arugula, just order a glass of wine and you'll practically be at a vineyard in Tuscany without all the added costs. 

7. Martel

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As Drake says "Talkin' filets with the truffle butter." One of the most known French dishes is steak and frites. Martel, on the border of Fairfield and Westport, you can order your steak and frites with a side of truffle aioli. Make sure to dip every piece of steak in the aioli because it is life changing, literally. 

8. Barcelona

Ignore people who say that you shouldn't eat red meat. Red meat is absolutely necessary for a balanced diet...and a healthy mentality. When dining at Barcelona in Fairfield, you need to order their hanger steak tapas drizzled in a truffle vinaigrette. No need to act like you studied abroad in Barcelona, just visit this restaurant for a true cultural experience.

9. Bodega Tequila Bar

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Antojitos, or "little cravings," is a go to at Bodega in Fairfield. A Cuban inspired restaurant, they serve "Empanada Champiñones" which are portobello mushrooms with truffle cheeses. As I said before, cheese is the answer to everything

10. Quattro Pazzi

Quattro Pazzi or quattro the delightfulness of these truffle dishes? I'm going to go with quattro the delightfulness. Don't know what to order? We've got you covered. First you are going to order the polenta with mushrooms as your appetizer. Topped with parmesan cheese and truffle oil, this creamy polenta will knock your socks off. Next you are going to order porcini pappardelle, one of their fresh pastas, served with mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, gorgonzola cream and white truffle oil. By the end of this meal, you should leave with a very satisfied, and thankful, stomach.

I know how difficult it may be to switch up your go-to when dining out- and if you're on a college budget. But I guarantee you won't be disappointed with trying one of these newbies. Life is short, so be adventurous and choose truffle.