As students of Fairleigh Dickinson University: Florham Campus know, we are surrounded by some of the best restaurants in the Jersey area. Whether it be our bagel stores selling delicious Taylor ham, egg and cheese (not Pork Rolls for you South Jersey natives), or authentic Thai food, the opportunities are endless for the "freshman 15" to pack right on in Morristown.

The Committed Pig

This delicious "fine casual" Morristown joint offers a wide variety of American classics, from burgers and grilled cheese, to eggs and pancakes. You name it, and The Committed Pig offers it. As a well-known go-to for Fairleigh Dickinson Students, don't be surprised to run into your Chemistry professor when you're chowing down on your Mac and cheese 

Palm Thai

In the mood for some delicious and authentic Thai food? I sure know I always am! Palm Thai offers real-deal Thai cuisine, and even has gluten-free options such as their delectable Pad-thai. Bonus for college students: DoorDash offers Palm Thai delivery to the Florham Campus for a small fee!

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Nicole Burnett

Nonna's Italian Restaurant

I don't know about you, but I can ALWAYS go for some good Italian food, and Nonna's Italian Restaurant never fails to satisfy that craving. Another great restaurant for gluten-free eaters, Nonna's offers any and all Italian dishes that you can think of. 

Macho Nacho

Macho Nacho is every college students dream- good Central American dishes, for a staggeringly cheap price! You can't help but stopping by this Morristown joint for a delicious chicken quesadilla, or their signature chips and guacamole. Best part about it? A filling meal without draining your already struggling college student bank account!

pizza, cheese, onion
Dylan Barth

Nagano Japanese Restaurant

When you're the mood for some good sushi, look no further than Nagano Japanese Restaurant to get the job done! Not only are their rolls insanely good, but they offer a great deal of $25 for unlimited sushi. You can't beat that!

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