It's only a month until spring break, and Cancún is definitely a hot spot for anyone who wants to escape the winter and enjoy the beaches and the sun. But besides all that, your Cancún bucket list also needs to include some amazing restaurants. So I created a list of some of the best places to eat in Cancún over spring break. 


This high-quality restaurant serves traditional Mexican dishes infused with innovative and bold flavors. The ambiance is elegant and perfect for a peaceful dinner.

El Fish Fritanga

This casual and inexpensive restaurant serves high quality seafood. It also gives free salsa and chips—who wouldn't want that?

Captain's Cove

One of the top restaurants in Cancún, this fine dining restaurant is a must for visitors. Its fresh seafood and steaks are mouthwatering and pair extremely well with the restaurant's drinks.

Trattoria Limoncello

Located next to a lagoon, this 34-year-old Italian restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere and delicious food. Totally encompasses the mood.


Espiedo is a casual barbecue restaurant that serves a wide range of food including briskets, salads, and baguettes.Great for when you're feeling indecisive. 

Les Cepages

Les Cepages is a French contemporary restaurant that is on the cheaper end of the hotel restaurants located in Cancún. Totally recommend if you're feeling fancy.

Du Mexique

One of the top gastronomic restaurants recommended by magazines, this restaurant uses Mexican ingredients to create delicious French dishes. How innovative. 

Puerto Madero

Aside from its great layout, Puerto Madero also has a wide and detailed selection of food in several categories: salads, barbecue, seafood, cocktails, and soups.

Club Grill

A fusion of the classic and the modern, this restaurant serves timeless recipes that are made with local ingredients. If you're looking for a sophisticated ambiance, I totally recommend this place.

La Habichuela Sunset

The restaurant is decorated with beautiful sculptures and paintings, making it a popular wedding revenue. Their dishes are made from Mexican recipes that have been passed down in this family-run business.

La Dolce Vita

Serving authentic Italian food and seafood, La Dolce Vita is a top restaurant that serves seasonal dishes. Get that fresh guac while it's avocado season. 

Julia Mia

Julia Mia is a restaurant that specializes in traditional Mexican dishes and drinks. Sign me up. 

Hacienda Sisal

This is a Mexican-style restaurant that has had its recipes passed down from generation to generation. Its menu consists of food that has flavors from all parts of Mexico.

La Destileria

This place has great bar food and drinks, not to mention its patio view of the waters—it goes well with their wonderful food!


Pescaditos is a great local seafood restaurant with friendly staff and live music. If you're craving any kind of fish dish, you should visit this place.

These are some of the best restaurants in Cancún. Try them out when you go to visit the great beaches and sunny weather.