It's been a hell of a couple of days, with the inauguration of our new president, the Angelina Jolie fiasco, and Sweet Shia Labeouf getting himself into jail for acting like a loony toon (again), but no matter where you stand on any of these issues everybody deserves a stress free spring break vacay. If you're having trouble picking the perfect destination, we've got some ideas for ya:

If You're Trying to Reconnect with Nature: Yosemite National Park, California

If you've been going to rallies and protest or just been in a never-ending debate with people on and offline, Yosemite National Park might be the perfect place for you to spend you spring break. With almost 2,000 mi² of majestic waterfalls and awe-inspiring scenery, there is no way you’ll even remember the classes that have been stressing out all semester. 

Go lose yourself and your stress in the stillness of nature by camping in the Yosemite forest. Or is camping not your jam? No problem. There are tons of group yoga and backpacking retreats that can take you to Yosemite to help you wind down and get off the grid safely.

If You're in Serious Need of a Social Media Cleanse: Haiti's Royal Decameron Beach Resort

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Gemima k. Cadet

Haiti doesn't have the best reputation when it comes to political stability, but most of the tension is centered in Port-Au-Prince, the capital. If you head farther up north away from the capital, you'll find yourself disconnecting from the noisy hum of social media at the Royal Decameron Beach Resort.

Although WiFi is available, it's limited to the lobby leaving you with no choice but to enjoy the natural beauty of the island and the all-you-can-eat buffets.

If you're looking to hit the beach without renewing your passport: Key West, Florida

If you looking to immerse yourself in the island vibe without spending the big bucks to leave the US, then Key West is the place for you. The Florida island is home to Ernest Hemingway's house, some awesome beaches, and tons of fresh seafood restaurants.

If You're Still #TeamEdward: Forks, Washinton

If you're a diehard Twilight fan, you’ll be happy to know that Forks is a real place. Located in rainy Washington state, Forks offers Twilight fans the opportunity to Twilight fans' fantasies of losing themselves into the world of Twilight. For non-Twilight fans, Forks (and the rest of the Pacific Northwest) offers a quiet small town environment where you can enjoy beautiful hikes and peaceful retreats in the local camping grounds.

If You're Way Too Impatient for Season 7 of Game of Thrones: Belfast, Ireland

For Game of Throne fans who just want to lose themselves in a beautiful world where the fantasy series comes to life. And for those living in cities packed with skyscrapers, Ireland offers a vasts land of open fields and scene horizons.

So Where ever it is you might stand on any of the current issues trending right now, take a breather this Spring Break. Head over to any of the destination listed and have yourself a stress -free spring break to prepare yourself to kill it the second half of the semester.