If you have a sweet tooth as big as mine, you probably have a go-to treat to turn to. For me, it's cookies. They could be homemade or store bought, chocolate chip or sugar cookies. I don't discriminate. Here is a list of the best places in Oxford, MS to satisfy your cookie cravings.

Great American Cookies

peanut butter, cookie, chocolate
Hannah Trinkle

From snickerdoodles to the classic chocolate chip, Great American Cookies has a cookie to satisfy any craving you might have. These cookies bring back memories of hanging out in the mall in middle school. My personal favorite is the M&M Double Doozie.

Beagle Bagel

These sugar cookies are a classic and are the size of my face. They are a must buy if you ever stop by Beagle Bagel on Jackson Ave. Plus, the cuter the cookie the better they taste. That is just science. 

Insomnia Cookies

cake, cookie, chocolate
Hannah Trinkle

If you get hit with a late nigh cookie craving, Insomnia Cookies is your new best friend. They are open until 3 am and they also deliver hot, fresh cookies right to your door. You get cookies and don't have to leave the house. Talk about a win-win. I challenge you to try every flavor.

The Cakery

This Oxford original is known for their decorated iced cookies. We can always count on them to have the cutest designs. You can also get some cookies custom made for your next event. I dare you to try to only eat one! 

Next time you're hit with a cookie craving, try one of these suggestions to get your cookie fix. If cookies aren't your thing, check out our article on other ways you can satisfy your sweet tooth in Oxford.