Oxford, Mississippi may be known for it's overwhelmingly good southern cooking at restaurants like Ajax Diner or Bouré, but the small college town is also known for some mouth-watering desserts that not many people that want their sugar tooth fixed know about. 

Here is your guide to the best five desserts in the Oxford area:

1. Yaya's Frozen Yogurt

sweet, cake, chocolate, meat
Ally Langston

Yaya's Frozen Yogurt's flavors are always changing and always good. They are like any other fro-yo shop in that they have all the toppings and more that you could ask for, including hot fudge and caramel. At Spoon Ole Miss, we love the waffle cup with chocolate fro-yo and gummy worms on top! 

2. Kelli's Cakes and Confections

chocolate, cake, peppermint
Ally Langston

Located off of Highway 6, Kelli's Cakes and Confections is a cute, small bake shop that does cookies, cupcakes and cakes. They even have cookie sandwiches with icing filled in-between. Our personal favorite to get our sugar tooth fixed is the strawberry cupcake. It's absolutely delicious.

3. Bouré

Ally Langston

Bouré is not only known for it's southern cuisine, but also for some killer desserts. Pictured above is the salted caramel, chocolate, pretzel pie with vanilla ice cream. They have other sweets like bread pudding and a brownie. as well. 

4. Insomnia Cookies 

chocolate, bread, cookie
Ally Langston

Yes, almost every college town has an Insomnia Cookies, but these cookies are to die for. Not only are they gooey and better than any other cookie you have ever had, they have options to put ice cream in-between cookies and have flavors no other place has, like the mint chocolate chip. They are a must try in Oxford!

5. Chili's 

chocolate, caramel, brownie, chocolate cake, cake, fudge, sauce, cream
Ally Langston

I personally think Chili's desserts are under-rated. This chocolate molten lava cake is better than most molten cakes I've tried and has melting fudge throughout with ice cream and caramel poured on top of it. After a rough day in school this can make anyone's day better. 

Give Oxford, Mississippi a chance at their dessert selection. You may gain a couple pounds, but won't regret it!