A typical week may be scattered with a million responsibilities: assignments, appointments, jobs, and extracurriculars. The world of desserts is just as varied as our lives, but thank god they only make things sweeter. You're not the only one craving something sweet every day of the week, so get it out of your head that dessert is only for the weekend.

Monday: Baklava

pie, strudel, baklava, honey, apple, walnut
Emily Coppella

The most dreaded day of the week. But when that sweet smell of honey and cinnamon comes wafting up from a plate, things seem a little better. This layered dessert is drenched in a syrupy substance, symbolizing the chaos and sticky situations you might already be facing today. 

The nuts (almonds, pistachios, and/or walnuts) are a crunchy combination and a known craving for anyone feeling a bit stressed. The crunchy texture actually helps stress by relieving tension in the jaw. Do I recommend throwing back sheets of baklava instead of some apple slices? No. But occasionally it’s needed.

Tuesday: Popcorn

popcorn, corn, cereal, sweet, butter, kettle corn, milk
Kirby Barth

Tuesday can be busier than Monday. I mean, do we even wake up from the weekend until Monday's over? Making a warm bowl of popcorn takes zero effort or time, so it doesn't matter how busy you are. Whether you drench your kernels in butter and salt or prefer something a little sweeter, this snack won’t let you down. Get wild with this craving and make churro or curry-dusted popcorn in your own dorm.

Wednesday: Pie

Wednesday calls for a huge slice of pie, especially when you can make it in a mug. The flakey crust represents the struggle of only being halfway through the week when things are kind of falling apart. But after a few more bites you get to the sweet center and it hits you -- Monday and Tuesday are in the past...it's finally hump day.

Thursday: Sour Candy

148 365 sour patch

Upupa4me on Flickr

Not your typical sweet or salty treat, sour candy is a nice change when you’re wishing that you could transport yourself to Friday night. Feeling that high fructose corn syrup and artificial flavours coursing through your veins will blast up that energy so you have enough willpower to make it through the end of the week. Killing your tastebuds is oddly enjoyable, especially when you make the candy you crave yourself.

Friday: Cake

chocolate, cake, cream, sweet, pastry, pie, candy, goody, brownie, mousse
Emma Delaney

It’s finally Friday, which calls for the ultimate symbol of celebration: cake. Chocolate, vanilla, carrot cake, or DIY Nutella cake in a mug. Whatever kind makes you want to dance. Friday is the frosting on the cake that is the week. It’s like the weekends throwing a birthday party for itself, so let's welcome the birth of Saturday.

Saturday: Cookies

cookie, chocolate, peanut butter, sweet
Emily Coppella

With so many different desserts in this world (and about a million different recipes for them cluttered on Pinterest) it’s hard to choose a universal favourite. But just like Fridays, who can hate on a good cookie? Whether it’s Grandma’s homemade batch or a late night sleeve of Oreos, cookies are bound to make you smile. 

Sunday: Brownie

Fudgy, dense and so rich, brownies are the ultimate indulgence. Sunday’s are for treating yourself, whether it’s by doing some killer yoga moves or taking a frothy bubble bath, self-care should be a part of your routine. There's no better way to show yourself how much you care than with a batch of brownies. 

The next time you're hit with a craving, don't hold yourself back until next weekend. You deserve it right now. Sometimes we all need something sweet to get us through the week.