Our Spoon UNC chapter created another, equally important, bracket to go along with March Madness. But instead of the best basketball teams, it's a matchup of the best pizza places in Chapel Hill. We argue this bracket is just as important as the basketball one...at least for Chapel Hill pizza lovers.

How it worked:

The contenders for the best pizza in Chapel Hill come from four subgroups: Best Build Your Own, Best Chain, Best NY Style, and Best Pizza and More. Build your own consists of Pizza Press and Lotsa, while Mellow Mushroom and I Love NY Pizza competed for best chain, Benny's and IP3 fought for best NY style, and Amante vs. Midici in pizza and more. 

Spoon University

While our team may not have won the national championship this year, we feel confident in our pizza bracket. We put it up to our Instagram followers to vote on polls (if you missed it, follow our Insta @spoon_unc) over the past few days: the first day was all of the restaurants matched up against each other by category, the second day matched the Final Four, and the third day was the finals.

And the winner is...

It came down to a face-off between Pizza Press and IP3, with the winner being...drum roll...Pizza Press!

Anne Carter Payne

Pizza Press opened in August 2018 on Franklin Street and quickly became a student favorite. Though it was up against strong contenders, the results speak for themselves!

So if you're looking for the best pizza in town (according to Spoon followers), hit up Pizza Press and enjoy building your own pizza and crying about our loss in the tournament after a great season. Nothing like pizza to honor Luke, Kenny, and Cam. 

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