Franklin Street is home to some of the best restaurants in Chapel Hill. And approximately 1/3 of these restaurants happen to serve pizza. And this pizza happens to be some of the best you'll find in Chapel Hill. Since there are so many choices, here's a definitive ranking of pizza places on Franklin Street. 

In order to be considered, the restaurants being ranked must be known for their pizza, because there are some other restaurants on Franklin Street that have pizza on their menus.

8. Papa John's

We've all heard of Papa John's. It's everywhere. It ranks last on my list of pizza places on Franklin because it's not something that's native to Chapel Hill, but it's dependable. We all know that Papa John's delivery will be there for us if we're desperate for some cheesy goodness, garlic dipping sauce and a single pepperoncini. 

7. Toppers 

Though not as big as Papa John's, Toppers is still a chain.  Toppers pizza is a pretty good deal because they're always handing out coupons. Broke college kids love deals. Order the Topperstix, which are basically tear apart bread with delicious toppings (Chocolate Baconstix are bomb).

6. Old Chicago

Okay, so Old Chicago is a franchise. is a Chapel Hill staple. you can always expect Old Chicago to be packed on game days. Also, if you visit after 10 p.m., you can get a personal pizza for less that $3. What's better than pizza? Cheap pizza. 

5. I Love NY Pizza

I love NY Pizza is a perfect place to find yourself after a night out. You don't find many people here during the day, but on weekend nights this place is pretty popular.  With their seemingly endless topping choices and low prices, I Love NY Pizza is the best place to stop post-party.  

4. Mellow Mushroom

I know, I know. Mellow Mushroom is not native to Chapel Hill. But it's native to the south, and it's really good. I mean, look at the picture above--sweet Thai chili goodness on a pizza is a real winner. It also hosts a lot of UNC culture. Like Old Chicago, Mellow Mushroom is always packed on game days. 

3. Artisan Pizza Kitchen

Also known as APK. They make their own dough, bread and sauces, and they're known for their Artichoke Basil pizza (pictured above.) It's owned by a family of devoted Tar Heel fans, so it's definitely a fun place to hang out post/during games.

2. Italian Pizzeria III

Italian Pizzeria III, or IP3, serves up delicious thin crust pizza. They're known for their fun atmosphere and great food.  Fun fact: Joe Jonas bought his fans pizza from IP3 after his band, DNCE, performed at Local 506, a concert venue, next door. 

1. Benny Cappella's 

Home of the giant slice. Benny's is packed all the time, whether it be lunch time or 2 a.m. on a Saturday night. You can get a giant slice of cheese (which is really like three normal slices) for $4.  It's the best bang for your buck. It tastes amazing. It's open late. It's the best on Franklin. 

So there you have it, a definitive ranking of pizza places on Franklin Street. Pizza is a part of college life, so choose wisely.