I’m firmly convinced nothing can brighten up your day like a good pastry. All donuts aside, another one of my favorite treats happens to be the classic American pie. Apple, blueberry, peach, pecan… I could go on forever.

Pies supposedly have medieval origins, meaning that we Americans cannot call ourselves the OG pie inventors, but that doesn’t mean our pies can’t be the best in show (which they are, and I’m totally not biased or anything). Here are some of the best pies you can find across the great red, white, and blue.

1. Little Pie Company – New York City, NY

best pie shops

Photo courtesy of Little Pie Company on Facebook

Nothing beats the classic granny smith apple pie, and boy do these guys know it. Happiness is their specialty – especially the sour cream walnut apple pie. If that image itself isn’t borderline coma-inducing, we don’t know what is. For more treats in the Big Apple, read this.

2. Chile Pies – San Francisco, CA

best pie shops

Photo courtesy of Chile Pies on Facebook

What do Mexican restaurants know about pies? Apparently, a lot. Their housemade pie, which apparently serves 8, has a going price of $6 – per pie. If you don’t feel like sharing, you can even order one of their absolutely adorable personal pies, or you could even try their inventive “pie in a milkshake,” which are the best thing we’ve heard all day. Yup, life just got better. Did we catch you craving Mexican food? We’ve got the remedy for you.

3. Leoda’s Kitchen and Pie Shop – Lahaina, HI

best pie shops

Photo courtesy of Leoda’s Kitchen and Pie Shop on Facebook

Hawaii’s amazing tropical location makes for easy access to deliciously fresh fruit, and Leoda’s knows it. Try their to-die-for banana cream pie or their coconut cream pie, along with a huge selection of other goodies. You can even try their miniature pies which get as creative as macadamia nut chocolate. No, this is not a drill. But don’t stop there – while you’re in Hawaii, take our advice and we’ll hook you up with the best places to eat so you don’t stand out like a haole.

4. The Frisco Shop – Austin, TX

best pie shops

Photo courtesy of The Frisco Shop on Facebook

This old-timey diner and pie shop is so classically American, it’s beautiful. Try their homemade baked pies: we highly recommend the egg custard, and the pecan pie is so good it’s heavenly. Plus the all day breakfasts and the amazingly generous American-style portions are just icing on the cake. See these other joints in Austin next time you’re around.

5. Jones Hollywood – West Hollywood, CA

best pie shops

Photo courtesy of flickr.com

The go-to pie joint for all of your favorite celebs (seriously), it’s also the best place for apple pie in the greater Los Angeles area. So the next time you’re living large and sharing your pie with the Kardashians and Kanye, know that you’ll be served the best apple pie with thick caramel and flaky crust with three scoops of decadent homemade vanilla ice cream. Want some more Hollywood tips ‘n tricks? Read this and you’ll eat like Taylor Swift’s #squad.

6. NOLA Pie Guy – New Orleans, LA

best pie shops

Photo courtesy of Erica Ramsarran on fooddat.com

Nate Winner, aka the NOLA Pie Guy, dishes up NOLA’s finest pies in his mobile food truck, which, if you can find, will rock your literal world. Try his chocolate pecan pie or key lime – all of which are super good for you. He sources Louisiana raw sugar and pecans, and even New Orleans rum for his rum-pecan pie, so not only can you believe you’re getting the best stuff on the market, it’s all locally sourced. Here’s some other stuff you gotta try while in NOLA.

7. A La Mode Pies – Seattle, WA

best pie shops

Photo courtesy of A La Mode Pies on Facebook

This cute little stereotypical pie shop is the best place ever to grab a bite and relax. Try their award-winning bourbon butterscotch pie or their French apple a la mode with their Bluebird vanilla ice cream (you’ll be absolutely obsessed). For more delicious treats in Seattle, check this out.

8. The Cherry Hut – Beulah, MI

best pie shops

Photo courtesy of @jmhiller on Instagram

Cherry pie is the only kind of pie this place sells, but that’s fine with us because they do it so well. Loaded with sweet red cherries and a thick crust, and topped with their fabulous vanilla bean ice cream, it’s absolute perfection. Seriously, every summer, people literally drive thousands of miles to this place to eat their cherry pie. You should too. Can’t make it to Michigan? Try this easy cherry berry pie recipe you can make in your very own kitchen.

9. The Elegant Farmer – Mukwonago, WI

best pie shops

Photo courtesy of The Elegant Farmer on Facebook

This place bakes their apple pies in paper bags. Why? Because apparently, as legend has it, the sugar cookie crust is firmer and crisper, and it makes all the difference. Want a simpler way though? Try this recipe for apple pies baked IN apples. Mind = blown.

10. Pielab – Greensboro, AL

best pie shops

Photo courtesy of Pielab on Facebook

This eccentric pie shop is a gem in a sleepy Alabama town, and is by far the best place ever. Enjoy Southern lemonade with their quality homemade buttermilk or bourbon Oreo pies, and become obsessed. Why don’t you round it out with Alabama’s trademark cocktail?

11. Petsi Pies – Cambridge, MA

best pie shops

Photo courtesy of Petsi Pie on Facebook

An indie bakery serving up handmade pies, everything is baked fresh with all natural ingredients. For the cash strapped, you can go in for the lunch special and get a piece of pie and a savory salad for $5. You can even get coffee, and it’s oh so good. Here are some other fantastic restaurants in Cambridge as voted on by Harvard students.

12. Four & Twenty Blackbirds – Brooklyn, NYC

best pie shops

Photo courtesy of Four & Twenty Blackbirds on Facebook

This adorable little Brooklyn takeaway uses an all-butter crust with seasonal fruit. Get whipped cream on top of their housemade organic oatmeal or their famous salty honey pies. Bring a good book and curl up in their warm and rustic snack shop with the nicest staff in the world. Here are some amazing other places in Brooklyn you definitely need to try.

13. Momofuku Milk Bar – New York City, NY

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Photo courtesy of misscheesemonger on Facebook

In the popular bakery of celebrity patisserie chef David Chang, help yourself to delicious soft serve ice cream and baked goods, including their famous pies. Their famous “crack pie” with toasted oat crust and a gooey butter filling is unreal when paired with one of their famous pretzel or cereal shakes. Can’t make the trip to Momofuku? Make your own Momofuku crack pie with this recipe.

14. Three Brothers Bakery – Houston, TX

best pie shops

Photo courtesy of Three Brothers Bakery on Facebook

Opened in 1949 by three Holocaust survivors, the Jucker brothers, Three Brothers is still run by the same family. They sell a fantastic pecan pie known as the “Best Mail Order Pecan Pie America Has to Offer,” according to Country Living Magazine. If you’re looking to go as big as Texas (which is pretty big), try their Pumpecapple Piecake, nicknamed “the Turducken of pie and cake” which stands 11 inches tall and weighs 23.5 pounds. For reals. While you’re at it, also try these foods in the Lone Star State.

15. Tartine – San Francisco, CA

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Photo courtesy of Tartine Bakery on Facebook

Run by award-winning chefs Elisabeth Prueitt and Chad Robertson, you definitely won’t be disappointed with your choices. The favorite is banana creme pie or their unique raspberry rhubarb. Check these other delicious San Francisco dishes.

16. Pie Corps – Brooklyn, NY

best pie shops

Photo courtesy of Pie Corps on Facebook

Try their insane and unique savory pies such as their vegetarian pie with creamy spinach, asiagio, and mustard seed, their chicken pot pie, or their breakfast pies such as their bacon, egg, and cheddar or their famous croque madame pie. It’s perfect for those cold NYC days (and we know there are many of those).

17. Magpie Artisan Pies – Philadelphia, PA

best pie shops

Photo courtesy of Magpie Artisan Pies on Facebook

Their rated not-too-sweet pies are supposedly just the thing for people who adore pies, but not too much sugar. You can have pies, pie shakes, and “pie fries,” and they’re oh so delicious. So, basically, you can have a savory pie for dinner, a sweet pie for dessert, pie fries on the side, and a pie shake to wash it all down. Count us in. For more yummy things to eat in Philly, check this out.

18. Dahlia Bakery – Seattle, WA

best pie shops

Photo courtesy of Dahlia Bakery on Facebook

Yes, there are often lines out the door, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wait. Because at the end of that wait lies Dahlia’s famous triple coconut cream pie. Light and simple, it’s the perfect finish to any meal. Dahlia’s head chef Tom Douglas supposedly makes better coconut cream pie that is supposedly so good, it’s “an out of body experience.” Want to eat like a Seattleite? Read this.

19. Random Order Coffee – Portland, OR

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Photo courtesy of Random Order Coffeehouse on Facebook

Love the good ‘ol American pie? We do too. That’s why we love their special homemade apple pie that includes caramel, vanilla spice, salt, and topped with their house special Tahitian vanilla ice cream. Is there anything better than that? Check out these other Oregon bars that you should visit.

20. The Original Fried Pies – Davis, OK

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Photo courtesy of Vivian C. on tripadvisor.com

The recipe comes from an old recipe Nancy Fulton inherited from family members who baked the same pies for ranchers in the 1800s. Although they’re fried, these pies are surprisingly not greasy at all. Newcomers are highly recommended to try the apricot, a fan favorite. Want to know more info about Oklahoma’s food laws (uh, yes)? Check this out.

21. Deliciously Dangerous Pies – Baltimore, MD

best pie shops

Photo courtesy of Jenni Kriss Dagostin on Facebook

Owner and chef Rodney Henry learned his mad pie skills from his grandmother, and created his famous invention “The Baltimore Bomb” made with Maryland’s famous chocolate Berger Cookies melted on vanilla custard. They even deliver their pies around Baltimore if you’re too lazy to get out of bed. Sign us up. Here’s some other amazing stuff you’ve got to eat around Baltimore.

22. Pie Shop – Atlanta, GA

best pie shops

Photo courtesy of Pie Shop on Facebook

Atlanta’s “premier pie shop” is definitely on top. You can even go to their monthly baking classes and happy hours once you’ve totally fallen in love with the place (which you will). Their motto is “pie is love,” and we totally agree. Check out these other amazing Atlanta places.

23. Norske Nook – Osseo, WI

best pie shops

Photo courtesy of Norske Nook on Facebook

This little nook is basically your Norwegian grandma’s kitchen (that is, if your grandma was both Norwegian and a baking genius). After winning an impressive three awards in the National Pie Championships, the demand for this place’s pies have made it a permanent fixture on the Wisconsin must-do list. Sample their Kaffe mocha pie, pecan fudge, or a variety of other delights.

24. Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits – Chicago, IL

best pie shops

Photo courtesy of Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits on Facebook

The menu may be simple, but we assure you, it’s incredibly sweet. Try their orange chocolate pie (!!!), unique triple berry jam pie, or even the butterscotch almond pie. Or wander into the shop and try their fabulous seasonal fruit daily specials, we’re already obsessed. Check out these other Chicago places while you’re at it.

25. Achatz Handmade Pie Co. – Chesterfield, MI

best pie shops

Photo courtesy of Achatz Handmade Pie Co. on Facebook

This Michigan place is out of this world – so good, in fact, they had to open four locations (because we can’t get enough, obvs). Their most popular selection, the Michigan four-berry with cherries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. Heck yeah. Pair it with this fantastic Michigan brew, and you’re all set.

best pie shops

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