As somebody who has grown up with Bengali parents, I have always loved both Bengali and Indian food. Of course, Indian food is more popular in the U.S., but we have always struggled to find a good restaurant. That is, until we found the best Indian food in Winston-Salem at Nawab.

Mareesa Ahmad

On a typical Friday or Saturday night, you can find Nawab to be packed with locals fighting for a table to get their hands on some curry! Nawab is nestled in Stratford Village in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and is about a 10 minute drive from Wake Forest University. Every time my parents come in for a visit, I take them to Nawab because we all agree that it's the best Indian food in Winston-Salem. Here's a preview of their authentic menu, starting with my favorite appetizer:


Mareesa Ahmad

The vegetable and potato Samosas are a perfect way to start off your Indian cuisine journey. Samosas are fried dough that are filled with spiced potatoes, vegetables, and most likely some lentils too. The fried dough on the outside is crunchy and goes so well with the warm, soft middle. But, before taking your first bite, don't forget to dip the samosa in the tangy tamarind sauce or the spicy cucumber-mint relish, or even both!


Mareesa Ahmad

The curries are so good here that I had to order two. This is the coconut shrimp curry and lamb rogan josh with an order of rice and garlic naan bread. What I like about Nawab is that their curries are completely different when it comes to taste. Most Indian places will use the same spices and cooking process so you end up with similar flavors, just different types of meat.

The coconut shrimp curry is made with jumbo shrimp and the sauce is thick and creamy with the perfect coconut to spice ratio. I like to pair the coconut shrimp curry with rice for a few bites and then switch to garlic naan because I can't possibly stick with one. Bring on the carbs!

The lamb rogan josh has a spicy red sauce base that is made from tomatoes, cardamom, and Kashmiri chilies. Although it sounds super spicy, you can control the amount of spice you want in any dish at Nawab. This is helpful for those who can't handle the highest heat. I like to eat the lamb rogan josh with raita, which is a very popular Indian condiment made from yogurt, cucumber, and mint. It is served cold and cuts the heat of the curries. Give it a try!

No matter which curry you choose, you will definitely have leftover sauce, so make sure you soak it all up with some classic naan bread.


Mareesa Ahmad

There are quite a few desserts on the menu—some American, but most are Indian. My personal favorite is the gulab jamun, which is a milk-based sweet, or "mishti," as I like to call Indian dessert. The main ingredients in gulab jamun are khoya and saffron, which is the reason why the dessert is so spongy and has a dark reddish color. It can be served hot, cold, or room temperature. I recommend hot because it becomes nice and soft to eat. If you have a big sweet tooth, you will love this Indian option.

Nawab not only has the best Indian food in Winston-Salem, but the sweetest staff who really do everything they can to make your meal more enjoyable. If you ever find yourself shopping near Stratford Village, head on over to Nawab for the yummiest Indian lunch or dinner you'll eat in Winston.