Earlier this year, I had written about the fantastic New Dorp Lane and its endless array of cuisines that could satisfy any palate. While taking on the street's eats may seem like a daunting task, Staten Island's biggest food festival will allow you to experience it all. 

This past Sunday, the 4th Annual New Dorp Restaurant Crawl took place. Thousands of people flooded the streets of New Dorp, seeking out the best bites while enjoying live music and entertainment. If you missed this year's festival and can't wait another year, check out the hottest spots, in no particular order, that made a scrumptious splash this year.

Jade Asian Bistro

Arvind Dev

Jade Asian Bistro made waves with their selection of scrumptious appetizers, such as the Fried Bacon Crab Roll pictured above. This pan-Asian restaurant is known for its creative twists on many dishes, and they have plenty of different specials that'll give you an appetizing bang for your buck

Taste of India II

Arvind Dev

This year, Taste of India II took us back to the basics with their assortment of naans, rice, and tandoori chicken. The buttery substances melted in your mouth, leaving a pleasant and savory aftertaste. This restaurant is one of few Indian restaurants on Staten Island, and it's arguably the best there is!

#SpoonTip: Hosting a party? Check out the restaurant's new private party room, Indus!

Wing World

Arvind Dev

Jack Canfield once contended that chicken soup was good for the soul, but I'd like to challenge his notion after trying Wing World's selection of chicken wings this year. Served with a side of crispy onion rings, both of the boneless wing variants were pleasurable to taste.

Something Sweet

Arvind Dev

Something Sweet made a scrumptious splash with its unending servings of ice cream. While they boast plenty of classic flavors, some of their highlights include their Chocolate Fudge Swirl and Taro flavors. The latter is a Something Sweet exclusive, so be sure not to miss it! The cafe also offers bubble teas, macaroons, cakes, and other sweets.

SIPS + Maker

Arvind Dev

SIPS + Maker brought autumn to the summery vibes of the festival with slices of its innovative pumpkin spice chocolate chip loaf. Since my article on the store's opening, SIPS + Maker has flourished and fulfilled its pioneering vision. They've added plenty of refreshments to their menu, so be sure to stop by to try out the newest additions for the fall season.

Cake Chef's Piece-A-Cake

Arvind Dev

As someone who has never tried mochi before, I was a bit skeptical about trying the powdery and cold substance. However, upon biting into the vanilla-flavored piece, I soon understood what the hype was all about. Piece-A-Cake served up several flavors of mochi along with donuts and other baked goods. From snickerdoodles to Nutella Linzer cookies to M&M pretzels, there's sure to be something that satisfies any sweet tooth.

Cafe Con Pan

Arvind Dev

This restaurant brought their dessert menu to the table for this year's event. Although I missed the full version of their logo-branded custom cake, the restaurant was not short of delicious churros to fill my stomach with. Beyond what they served at the event, they've got plenty of other classic Mexican dishes that you can munch on at any point in the day.

Fresh Twist

Arvind Dev

Fresh Twist is one of the newest additions to the New Dorp restaurant ensemble, and it did not disappoint at this year's Restaurant Crawl. They featured various juice blends and empanadas, all of which brought a warm feeling to hearts and stomachs around the festival. My personal favorite was the grapefruit juice, which was a lot sweeter than I had expected.

Ready to dig your hands into the next Restaurant Crawl? Check out the New Dorp Business Improvement District's Facebook page for more information on this event and others in and around the area.