Two summers ago, I wrote an article on the best places to grab dinner in Staten Island. Now, it's time to revisit the forgotten borough in search of culinary treasures. And what better place to find scrumptious spots than New Dorp Lane?

Known for its annual Food Crawl event, New Dorp Lane is a bustling bonanza of beautiful bites located in the heart of the Island. It's easily accessible by train and bus, and hosts a wide variety of foods that will keep you occupied for hours on end.

To make the journey down the road a bit tastier, here's a compilation of the different restaurants and cafes that you'll find going down the 1.5-mile-long road.

Dominick's Bakery Café

Located right across the entrance to the New Dorp train station, Dominick's boasts countless different pastries and sweets. They've got all kinds of cookies, cakes, eclairs, muffins, and fresh-filled cannolis lining their shelves. 

This spot is more than just baked goods, though. In fact, they've got you covered for every meal of the day! From breakfast quiches, to more than 50 varieties of sandwiches and burgers, to pizza and pasta, you can come to Dominick's at any time of the day and leave with a satisfied stomach. They have paleo and gluten-free options as well!

Cafe Con Pan

This restaurant and bakery is the third of a local chain, recently opened in 2015 and serving classic Mexican dishes and desserts. Besides offering options such as tortas, quesadillas, and burritos, the location creates beautiful and affordable custom cakes for any event. With an atmosphere as homely as its fresh food, this place is a must-try! 

Cantina Mexicana

The first thing you'll notice about this spot is the beautiful blue-and-pink exterior—it grabbed my attention the minute I laid my eyes on it! This gorgeous restaurant and bar is great for small groups and is home to many classic and modern Mexican dishes. And, although you'll never catch me putting pineapples on pizza, you can bet that I'll take as many pineapple-infused Pina Al Pastor quesadillas as I can! 

La Strada

With gorgeous paintings dotting the walls and a cozy fireplace, La Strada is the perfect place for a nice evening with a significant other or even a small wedding! In terms of their food, they have an expansive set of classic Italian dishes and desserts. Their Penne alla Vodka and Chicken Marsala are my personal favorites, but don't shy away from the limitless options on the menu! If you're looking for classy cuisine, look no further.

Villa Monte

A Staten Island staple, Villa Monte has been serving the best pizza for over 30 years. With four locations all across the island, there is no corner that hasn't been marked by the scent of steaming slices of cheesy heaven. I still can't decide whether I like the Buffalo Chicken pie or Vodka Sauce pie better, so I usually go with the only acceptable option—both. They also offer heros, wraps, rolls, calzones, and more.

Psst: the owners of Villa Monte are producing a documentary of the restaurant's story - click here to learn more!

John's Deli

Originally from Brooklyn, John's Deli has made a splash on Staten Island in recent years. With an award-winning roast beef hero with mutz & gravy (entitled John's Signature Hot Roast Beef with Mutz & Gravy) and daily specials ranging from chicken rollatini to filet of sole, everything at this spot is guaranteed to be rich with flavor and tenderness. To really get a true slice of Staten Island, stop by and grab a Godfather hero—you won't regret it.


The first thing you'll probably notice is the statue of a baker hanging from a crane next to the sign of this establishment - a hint to its unique nature. Walking in is quite overwhelming in the best way possible; you're met with subway signs and chalkboard aesthetic, and the inviting smell of the infinite supply of baked goods displayed neatly in glass cases. 

Piece-A-Cake has fantastic selections for those with a sweet tooth or looking for a bite to eat without breaking the bank. Slutty brownies, M&M cookies, and chocolate mousse cups are among the many sweets you can order a la carte. You can also choose to have a sit-down meal, with breakfast options such as Eggs Florentine and buttermilk pancakes to sandwiches and frittatas for later meals. And, as the name implies, you can grab a slice of (or full) cake in over 15 different flavors! 


Brioso translates to "lively" - a fitting name for this Italian restaurant. With another location in Marlboro, New Jersey, this restaurant provides an insurmountable amount of delectable and unique choices for lunch and dinner. From daily polenta dishes to amazing panini, the cuisine here is only accented by its beautiful design. There are six different catering menus, all coupled with a friendly and attentive staff. Come here for an elegant and enjoyable dining experience!

Cookie Jar

The Cookie Jar, owned by Cake Chef (the company that also owns Piece-A-Cake), is exactly what its name implies: a jar of cookie assortments and cookie jars. But these are no ordinary cookies—rather, they're freshly baked every day with a unique approach to every platter. 

The cookie jars are extremely creative and fun pieces to decorate your home with (i.e. hide your sugary treasure trove from unwanted cookie thieves.) I mean, how ingenious is a frog-shaped cookie jar? I'll take 20.

Crown Palace

After a series of renovations, Crown Palace is back and better than ever. The restaurant houses a plethora of classic Chinese takeout and dining dishes, with an amazing and fresh sushi bar along with it. The Crown's Twilight Filet is to die for, and the Coconut Chicken surprised me with how its two flavors mesh together so well. This restaurant truly takes the crown for its cuisine!

Pizzeria Giove

Owned by "The King of Pizza", Pizzeria Giove is a testament to the pizza-building skills that beat out THE Bobby Flay back in 2006. This restaurant serves pizza with ingredients freshly imported from Italy, creating authentic flavors with a touch of family magic. The four Giove brothers have mastered the art of pizza, and will prove to you that a slice is more than just its crust, sauce, and cheese!

Taste of India II

In my previous Staten Island article, I had noted Taste of India II to be a premier spot for dinner. And, while I question sophomore me's usage of the term "Your taste buds will sing like Adele," truer words cannot be spoken about the quality of the food here. My mouth is watering at the thought of a soft garlic naan enveloped in the creamy gravy of Matter Paneer and finished off with a swig of smooth mango lassi. As one of the few Indian restaurants on Staten Island, New Dorp Lane is lucky to have one of the best. 

Fresh Tortillas & Taco

Fresh Tortillas & Taco is a nice and casual Mexican restaurant with an amazing variety of melt-in-your-mouth entrees and specialties. Quiet and comforting, this spot is the perfect place to unwind after a long day of school or work with the best chicken-and-cheese quesadillas in the entire lane. The managing staff is extremely friendly and makes you feel at home. 

SIPS + Maker

I covered the opening of this café back in April of 2017, and it has grown immensely since then! The coffee shop, which combines the unbeatable tastes of Joe Coffee with a curated gift shop that supports humanitarian causes, has continue to grow and gain a considerable audience in the process. They recently began serving matcha tea, and are constantly expanding their market of dazzling trinkets. Hooray for sipping and shopping!

Something Sweet Homemade

After the closing of the beloved Wendy's near my school (you will always be remembered), Something Sweet soon became the new home for many students to grab grub after school - and for all of the right reasons, too! A champion of bubble tea, the white-themed shop serves a variety of flavors that never fail to impress. In addition, they serve soft-serve ice cream, cakes, cookies, and brownies! You'll find something to satisfy your sweet tooth in the menus of this arch-windowed area.

Jade Asian Bistro

I'm a sucker for dark ambiance, and this pan-Asian restaurant certainly does it well! Jade Asian Bistro is the newest edition of a 40+ year venture in providing quality Chinese cuisine across New York City. I strongly recommend it for lunch and dinner, as they have dinner vouchers, lunch specials on the weekdays, and a Groupon special! There's also a VIP club you can join for more amazing and tasty specials.

Wing World

Wing World is synonymous with its chicken mascot, serving over 25 types of wings ranging from Honey BBQ to Hell Fire (of which you must sign a waiver before purchasing). You can never go wrong with their Original BBQ or Honey Chipotle wings. But if you're not in the mood for wings, don't fret! Gyros, heroes, quesadillas, fries, and salads all line the bright and colorful menu. 

Pronto Pizza & Pasta

The New Dorp Lane iteration of Pronto Pizza & Pasta is one of five on Staten Island. When in doubt, stop in and grab a Danny's Alfredo slice. With alfredo sauce, spinach, and mozzarella cheese mixed in with grilled chicken bits, this pizza screams savory! They've got many variations of pastas, garlic knots, and other Italian entrees to satisfy your cravings as well!

Chikurin Sushi

I will admit that I am not the biggest fan of sushi. However, Chikurin is one of the very few places where I'd try some. Their sushi is of an extremely high quality, and is quite cheap as well! There are plenty of group specials to enjoy the myriad of rolls, and the food is only complemented by its breathtaking presentation. I'm still working up the courage to try to Lady Gaga and Crazy Dragon rolls.

Precious Island Dim Sum

Also known as the Precious Island Tea Shop, this place is known for its amazing dim sum. The restaurant offers many steamed, fried, and baked options: roasted pork buns, fried sesame balls, crystal rice rolls, you name it! Be warned, though, some dim sum options are only available before 3:30 pm! 

Gennaro's Pizzeria

A common theme that seems to unite most restaurants along New Dorp Lane is their long histories. Gennaro's is no exception to this, gracing the street with its scrumptious pizzas, calzones, and zeppoles for decades upon decades. The square Sicilian slices are magnificent, and give you many cheap options for toppings. And, if you're not feeling pizza, you can order pastas or heros. For every time I have ordered the "Leave It To Us" hero, I have never been disappointed.

Harvest Cafe

Harvest Cafe is amazing both in terms of its food and its mission. The cafe employs people with developmental disabilities and teaches them useful skills for working in the food service industry. This mission, combined with their excellent menu filled to the brim with favorites like Belgian waffles and grilled chicken wraps, makes for a heartwarming meal. Don't miss out on their signature Pretzel Crusted Chicken Club. Even if you hate pretzels like I do, there's no way you can hate this amazing roll.

Griff's Place

Rated as the most underrated Staten Island restaurant of 2015, Griff's Place is a sports bar and grill that serves sliders, steaks, and screaming hot wings (finish them all, and a drink on the house for you!). Although I have not visited myself, the raving reviews tell me that the grub here is fantastic. If you're looking for a relaxing bar experience with tasty bites, this is the place to be!

Ni-Ni's Cafe & P K's Lounge

Since 1980, Ni-Ni's Cafe and P K's Lounge has been a hidden gem of delectable Italian cuisine and lively spirits. Their spirit trickles into all areas of the restaurant, from its lively waiting staff to its Chicken Organata, to the fact that they rebuilt themselves in a measly six weeks after Hurricane Sandy in 2012. The spirit is strong, and the tastes are even stronger.

Whether you're in Staten Island for 5 hours or 5 days, this lane is a treasure trove of good food that you cannot miss!