When you still want that library feel but with a little more volume: Trident Booksellers & Cafe 

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Kaely Gallagher

If Trident was a football team, I would be the guy with half his body covered in face paint screaming for the quarterback. As a lover of both food and books, let me set the scene. You walk in, you see all the charming little trinkets at the cash register on your right. Your eyes widen at how cute the bookstore is. Then you pivot slightly to the left and it gets better. They serve food. Now you're thinking, it's probably the old Starbucks type breakfast sandwiches, but no. From your crucial brunch eggs to fried pickles, it is indeed a restaurant. It does get quite crowded on the weekends, but feel free to hit both the books and the food during the week. This is my favorite coffee shop for studying. 

When you want that Instagram worthy shot: Tatte Bakery & Cafe

Zoe Ades

This trendy spot is a right of passage for Boston locals. From the white marble tables to their mouth watering desserts, you can't go wrong at Tatte. Although their drinks are iffy, they do offer free wifi and are allergen friendly. If you need an energy fix from food, try some of these tips (the brownie was delicious though).

When you want some eclectic tunes: Caffè Nero

Zoe Ades

The good thing about Caffè Nero is that you can always find a seat. Not because no one goes, but because there are so many beautiful options. This chain has it all: good food, caffeine, a cute decor, and music you'll be shazaming the whole time. Plus it's filled with college students, so you're bound to run into someone cramming for the same exam as you.

When you want to see what all of the fuss is about: Pavement Coffeehouse

Zoe Ades

The thing about Pavement is that it's great. But when you walk in those doors you realize that everyone and their mother had the same idea. The food and drinks are solid and the space is cool, but there is definitely not enough of it. Claim a seat as soon as you see one. The music is loud and can be all over the place. One minute it's pulsing EDM and then the next song you feel like you're in a video game. Definitely a hit or miss. 

When you want something yummy and under the radar: Neighborhood Coffee & Crepes

Zoe Ades

The only downside to this find is that there is no wifi so you must come prepared. But, the crepes and the drinks are oh so worth the data overload. With vegan and gluten free options, this cafe is adorable. The staff greets you with a smile and your stomach will definitely return the favor. This is truly one of the best coffee shops at Boston University for studying.

When you want a serious coffee place: The Thinking Cup

Zoe Ades

With multiple locations, it's easy to stumble upon. It's small and dark, so it's easy to get lost in your studies. The drinks are high quality and they have gluten free options when it comes to treats. It's all about timing when you hit it though, so have some backups because it's always crowded.

When you just want to stick with what you know: Starbucks Coffee

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Ally Tobler

You know her, you love her. She gives you your Pumpkin Spice in the fall and your over-iced Refreshers in the summer. The wifi is great, and no one will give you a second look if you have so many books set up you could open your own library.