Last year, a new vendor came to our Oxford Farmers Market. Little did I know that not only would it end up being one of my favorite vendors, but the owner, Cam, would become one of my favorite people. So if you're looking for that weekend caffeine fix, come get the best coffee in Oxford, and shop for some other local goods on the way.

The Story

Caroline Asplundh

Cameron started her new business, Ramblin Roast, about 1.5 years ago, shortly after moving to Oxford. She had previously lived in the US Virgin Islands for a bit, and never really considered herself a coffee connoisseur until she got a job as a barista. There, she fell in love with coffee, and back inland while debating her next job, she realized she was still passionate about it. 

Caroline Asplundh

In early 2017, she then invested in a coffee cart, started her business, and decided to "have fun with coffee".

The Inspiration

As you'll see, Cam has very unique flavors and infusions, and that is exactly why I love her products. She says she gets her inspiration from anything and everything around her: from food she eats and other regular drinks she sees, from cooking shows and other menus, and she especially likes getting inspiration from craft beer or cocktails. You really can't get coffee like this anywhere else.

The Flavors

Caroline Asplundh

And now for the best part: Cam has a plethora of products. She always has cold brew and an infused cold brew flavor of the week. She occasionally has regular hot coffee. Then, she has some pretty cool bottled drinks like iced lattes and iced matchas. She also has non-coffee drinks such as iced teas and lemonades.

Another thing that I love, she tries to keep her products unsweetened or only use natural sweeteners like honey and maple syrup, and will occasionally use raw cane sugar. She also sources as much of her product and ingredients as locally as possible for her. 

Flavored Cold Brew

Priya Mehra

Every week, Cam has a different infused cold brew flavor. This is what really sets her apart and what drew me to her booth. Since I'm lactose intolerant I can't order a full one, but I'll always take a sample. Pictured is my FAVORITE, and it was here when my sister came to visit. I kid you not when I mentioned I was writing this article, she texted me, "that was the best coffee I've ever had!".

Depend on what she's making, she'll soak the flavor in the coffee overnight (such as the oats in here, once there was even a pineapple infusion), add in spices, a sweetener and whole milk.

Iced Matcha & Chai Tea Latte

Caroline Asplundh

The matcha is my favorite! Funny story, this past summer I asked Cam about the Matcha, and she remember from last season that I am lactose intolerant and thus couldn't drink it, as it was made with whole milk. Then, next week, she brought in 2 batches - one made with whole milk and one made with almond milk. Just for me! Then the almond milk batch was so popular, so only makes it with almond milk. Anyways, it's great and you should try it: whisked matcha, almond milk, and a touch of organic sugar.

As for her iced chai tea latte, Cam mixes and bottles her own blend and it is heavenly. She boils black tea with lots spices, then takes out the tea & lets the spices infuse overnight for an intense flavor. She then mixes in honey and almond milk.

Organic Honey Basil Latte & The Manhattan 

The Honey Basil Iced Latte is one of Cam's best sellers. So much so, that she bottles it and sells it at MOON Coop. Also, just look at how nicely she dressed up coffee!

The Manhattan is another one of Cam's favorites, and she says it'll probably be the next iced latte she bottles and sells at MOON. It's made up with orange peel, vanilla bourbon extract, organic maple syrup, and whole milk.

Cold Brew & Concentrate

In addition to having regular cold brew, Cam also sells bottles of cold brew concentrate, which you can take home to make your own iced lattes. It makes about 3 servings, and you just have to add your milk of choice and some ice.

The bottle it comes in is pictured above, with the matcha and chai tea.

Iced Tea & Lemonades

Caroline Asplundh

Every week, Cam also has two large glass jars (in the back of the picture) filled with flavored unsweetened iced tea and an infused lemonade. Both are great choices, usually sweetened with honey or maple, to cool off, choose a caffeine free drink, or give something to the kiddos.

Caroline Asplundh

I love shopping locally as it is much more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Not only does Cam make that easy to do with how she sources her ingredients, she also sells reusable straws!

I always talking about Rambling Roasts as one of my favorite vendors at the Oxford Market. Stop by soon and grab a new unique flavor, as this girl will be achieving big things.