With September in full swing, let's make the most of the warm weather while it lasts. Before you know it, you will be forced to hibernate during the freezing winter. Cleveland has so many popular restaurants great for the warm weather, so here's a list of five fun and trendy spots you don't want to miss this fall.  If you are a true Clevelander, and you haven't been to these places yet, do you live under a rock? Go! Go now before the snow days hit and were stuck inside for day on end. 

1. Luna Bakery

Charlotte Wasserman

Luna is my favorite early morning breakfast all year round eatery. There are two locations, one in Cleveland Heights, and one in Moreland Hills. After a weekend workout of running, doing yoga, spinning, or just thinking fit, Luna is one of the best places to refuel and reward for a job well done.

My go-to breakfast option from Luna is the avocado toast with sprinkled feta. If you are looking for something a little less basic, they also have homemade crepes, steel cut oatmeal, and paninis, as well as homemade macaroons, cookies, cakes, or even croissants. If you ever need to work outside of the house because home is a tad crazy, get a bite to eat at Luna, drink some coffee, and sit down to crank out some work or just to take a moment and enjoy the day.

2. TownHall

Charlotte Wasserman

TownHall is a bit of a hike for me, so I make the most of it whenever I get to go. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For now, there is only one location in Ohio City, but they are opening a new one in Colombus soon. If you've ever been, you know that the restaurant is always packed, and the food is always delicious. My standard meals are the sweet potato pancakes for breakfast, and the Thai peanut bowl for lunch or dinner. Everything they serve is a healthy, non-GMO, and has a unique twist. TownHall is a place you can go for with your friends for a quick and tasty brunch or a nice dinner in the heart of Ohio City.

3. Lemon Falls

Charlotte Wasserman

Lemon Falls is the cutest mini market, bakery, and home to the best healthy food options in Chagrin Falls. They are open every day at 8am and only have one location, which is in Chagrin Falls. On the menu, they have a wide range of foods, from eggs and avocado toasts to sandwiches, salads, and soup. Say you're gluten-free, well, Lemon Falls has got you covered with their top-notch gluten-free baked goods, such as muffins, biscotti, and soups. 

They also have my all-time favorite chocolate chip cookies. These ones are golden, thin, and crisp around the edge, with just enough chocolate chips to suit your sweet tooth. Lemon Falls is one of my favorite spots for lunch in Chagrin Falls because all of their food is made from fruits and vegetables from the local markets, making their food fresh in addition to delicious. I suggest the “Vietnamese Shredded Chicken Salad,” a salad with crunchy greens and fresh chicken mixed in, topped with a sweet ginger dressing. This is the perfect balanced salad because you have the crunch of carrots and other veggies, with a boost of protein.

4. Heartwood Roastery

Charlotte Wasserman

Heartwood Roastery is my favorite coffee shop on the east side of Cleveland. There are in Hudson and Chagrin Falls. Before the one in Chagrin opened, I struggled to find a good, cozy, coffee shop that I could stop by and pick up a quick drink or work at, but when Heartwood opened near me I was so excited to try it. The day after I came home from overnight camp, I went to Heartwood and it was definitely a 5/5. My favorite coffee drink was the Chai Tea Latte, which did not taste like your normal packaged, mixed, drink from Starbucks. They served a homemade real chai tea with a teabag, milk, and sweetener. The setup of the whole place was fresh and cozy, and there were good vibes and a great atmosphere. 

5. Ohio City Provisions

Ohio City Provisions is a fresh food market and local butcher. All of the meat and poultry is raised on Wholesome Valley Farm, and the vegetables and fruits are raised over 100 farms within 75 miles of Cleveland, which is open all year long. When you walk inside, you know that they have the meats. I've had their streaks twice and it tasted like no other. The idea of knowing that you know where it came from, also really helped. Sometimes you walk into Heines, you get your poultry, but you don't know the heck where it is from.

Surprisingly, meats are better in different seasons, so if you visit their store, make sure to ask what's best. I recommend getting the steaks, the fresh off the farm eggs, the sharp cheddar and the gouda cheeses. This is the place you want to check out if you want the best farm-to-table food. Other than poultry, fruits, and vegetables, they also have a selection of freshly baked breads, granola, and jams. 

After reading this you might be a little overwhelmed. It's ok, you have a whole two months before the shrill of November stops you from leaving the house. Whether you are a local or visiting, these Cleveland gems are the top places to visit for a good meal.