One of the biggest complaints students have with Cal Dining is its unvarying menus. Clark Kerr Dining Hall, for example, has the same brunch menu every weekend. This prompts many residents to look elsewhere for a meal, even if it means walking twenty minutes towards Telegraph. For many, that destination is Han's Bistro.

If you're looking for the perfect place to chat with friends over hearty portions of food, Han's Bistro on Telegraph Avenue is here to the rescue.

Cozy Atmosphere

Alina Yu

This popular restaurant is packed during peak hours every day of the week. Mysteriously, the noise level is rarely so loud that you can't hear your friend sitting across from you. The decorations on the warm wooden colored wall, which include a basket of wheat and pots of plants, also contribute to a relaxed and homey ambience.

All of the doors to Han's Bistro are made of glass, allowing sunshine to pour in and make for some much-appreciated warmth and good lighting. The wooden seats are simple in color and design, giving the restaurant an even more comfortable and carefree vibe.

#SpoonTip: To reduce waiting time, arrive early and beat the rush hour around 10 AM to 1 PM!

Satisfying Food Portions

Alina Yu

Han's Bistro is mainly known for its omelettes, but that is not to say that it does not offer many options. In fact, there is something for everyone at Han's Bistro. Whether you are craving a traditional American breakfast like bacon, eggs, and pancakes, or want to try something exotic like the kimchi omelette with spicy ham, bell peppers, and onions, few people leave the restaurant unsatisfied.

Most importantly, the price range is around $10 for portions so large that those with even the biggest appetites struggle to finish their meals—especially the omelettes! This provides for ample time to chat with friends while you enjoy slices of creamy avocado and crunchy bacon in your omelette, and delicious French toasts with butter and a side of crispy home fries.

Hidden Healthy Gem

Alina Yu

One item on the "Favorites" section of Han's Bistro's menu is notably healthy and vegetarian. Han's Bistro's veggie spinach wrap turns out to be one of the biggest and greenest wraps in Berkeley. Notice that the shape and veins of the spinach leaves can be readily seen on the wrap, indicating authentic ingredients, taste, nutrition, and health.

Like most of its salads, Han's Bistro's veggie spinach wrap has all of the nutritional goodies that make the vegetarian swoon: a delightful mix of fresh spinach, crisp cucumbers, pungent red onion, melted cheese, and velvety avocado, all complemented with an aptly dressed vinaigrette sauce.

To satisfy both the nutritional and gustatory needs of customers is hard to do, but Han's Bistro has managed to do so. As a restaurant that is close to campus and cares for students' financial, social, and physical wellbeing, Han's Bistro is one of the best places you can go to break the boredom of campus dining. 

Make sure to take a break during Dead Week and bring your friends over for a wonderful gathering, made perfect by big portions of healthy and mouthwatering foods!