My family has lived in Bentonville for the past 2 years. Bentonville is a town in Northwest Arkansas that has characteristics that resemble the Pacific Northwest. There is a very active trendy restaurant scene. Every time I come home to visit, I make a beeline for all of my favorite restaurants. Bentonville is a hidden culinary destination, bursting with variety. 

There are endless options for every taste. We have comfort food, authentic Mexican, South Indian, and more. We even have a cooking school that provides opportunities to those looking to get more involved with the culinary scene in the area.

High South Cuisine

Darya Mack

If you aren't familiar with High South restaurants, they specialize in elevated classic southern cuisine. Think fancy comfort food. This is a Bentonville staple, and can be seen at places like The Hive, Pressroom, Tusk and Trotter, Oven and Tap, and countless others, mostly concentrated around the main town square.

One of my favorites is Oven and Tap, and I always order the rosemary lemon edamame, wood-fired marinara pizza (you don't even miss the cheese, I promise!), and roasted cauliflower with romesco sauce.

Authentic Mexican Food

beef, tacos
Darya Mack

Northwest Arkansas has a significant Hispanic population, meaning we have a surprising number of fantastic authentic taquerias. You'll find down-to-earth taco shops with mouthwatering guacamole, endless tacos on handmade tortillas, and ingredients you wouldn't normally see in the states, like cactus.

Indian Restaurants

There are lots of Indian restaurants around here thanks to the large Indian population, and my favorite thing is to go to the lunch buffets that many of them offer. Dosa for days!

Creative Restaurants

Darya Mack

Bentonville is blossoming with unique and creative restaurant ideas. These places are one of a kind and offer really fun foods. My favorite is Sai Wok. This is a Vietnamese street food restaurant that serves up Bao Buns, summer rolls, and more. The best thing on the menu, believe it or not, are the brussels sprouts. They are tangy, salty, and crazy addicting.

Another staple destination for me is Crepes Paulette. It was initially a food truck but it expanded to a restaurant as well. They offer sweet and savory crepes, and they have great gluten-free and vegan options. 

Speaking of food trucks, in the main Bentonville Square, you can find a bunch of food trucks offering dumplings, pizza, tacos, and other street-eats.

State of the Art Cooking School

Darya Mack

Brightwater is a hub for food innovation and events. This cooking school is a part of 8th Street Market, which in the future will have restaurants and food vendors. For now, the completed projects are the cooking school and a craft brewery, both worth visiting. 

Bentonville has a special place in my heart (and my stomach) and I wish more people were able to understand the many culinary options this area has to offer.