Whether you're trying to get an iced coffee in a rush, are new to drinking coffee or are a full-blown coffee addict, Chocolate Bar is a place you frequently visit if you attend Boston College. Regardless of how familiar you are with the Chocolate Bar, it is unlikely you know what it's like behind the bar. Luckily, a Chocolate Bar insider has provided answers to any questions you might have. 

What is it like during a rush? 

The rushes at Chocolate Bar are both predictable and relentless. In the 10 minutes most students have between classes, they need a shot of caffeine to carry them through their next class, so the Chocolate Bar line runs the longest and the staff behind the bar are put under the most pressure. This pressure only causes us to work harder as the senior staff takes charge, ensuring that the majority of the orders get out quickly and correctly. Yes, the majority, because a rush is when we are most likely to make a mistake. The best time to order a drink is before or after a rush, when we can really take our time to ensure the order is correct.  

What's the difference between Chocolate Bar and the Starbucks locations on Campus? 

The main difference between the Chocolate Bar and the Starbucks locations on campus is the training the staff receives. Both require no prior experience from students. However, I received training upon being hired while students at Starbucks do not. The difference in training results in a difference in the consistency of drinks, which is why I think Chocolate Bar is the best place to get coffee on campus.

Audrey Jones

What is your favorite drink to prepare? 

The entire staff has a consensus that the best drinks to make are an iced mocha or iced caramel latte. These two drinks are the easiest and most enjoyable for us to make, especially during a rush when it is more difficult and time-consuming to make other drinks.

How fresh are the food and baked goods?  

bun, bread, croissant
Audrey Jones

Every morning the Chocolate Bar gets new baked goods and sandwiches. Normally we have little left over at the end of the day and whatever is left over we sell on the morning of the following day. Although at the end of the week, we are forced to throw away 2-4 tubs of cookies and muffins because the baked goods won't last over the weekend. Even though all the food is very fresh, I would recommend getting the baked goods right in the morning because it's right after they've been baked. 

Do you like working at the Chocolate Bar? 

The Chocolate Bar is a great to place to work, and I'm not just saying that. The only thing that I don't like about it is the closing process because we spend forever cleaning after closing. But I guess that's just another reason it's a great spot to stop on campus.