Every year, five colleges from the Lehigh Valley area go head to head to prove that they have the best food around in Battle of the Chefs. This year, Muhlenberg competed against DeSales University, Lehigh University, Moravian College, and North Hampton Community College. Each school whipped up the best menu to defeat the other schools. 

When asked about Battle of the Chefs, Muhlenberg student John Candela said that "It's the highlight of my Muhlenberg Dining experience although the title is misleading because they chefs don't actually battle"

This year, Muhlenberg set an attendance record of 1,490 students and faculty that came to judge the event

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Dana Halpern

DeSales University

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Naomi Sitruk

DeSales University used their super powers to whip up grilled cheesesteak, loaded ranch chips, cookie dough pops, and jello shots.

The Cheesesteak's were a huge hit among students. Sophomore Jason Kopp said "I would run into a door to have another Philly cheesesteak wrap" Food can make students do crazy things sometimes.

The line for the dessert was just as long as the line for the food itself. People went for seconds and even thirds of the desserts. Mulenberg Student, Dani Kornbluh said "I felt like I was eating actual cookie dough" 

Lehigh University

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Dana Halpern
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Dana Halpern

Lehigh crushed the competition with their strong menu featuring Smoked Sofrito Chicken Tacos, Mac & Cheese, Southwest Chopped Salad, and dessert nachos.

The line stretched all the way to the other side of the dining hall. Students just couldn't get enough of these cool takes on basic foods.  

One of the highlights was definitely the dessert which was cinnamon sugar nachos covered with fresh fruit, chocolate syrup, and vanilla ice cream.

Muhlenberg student Sophie Barnes said "My favorite thing was the dessert. The nachos were amazing. I loved them."

Moravian College

Dana Halpern

Moravian tried to save the day with their Captain America themed menu. They made a BBQ beef brisket sandwich, baked beans, cornbread, and deconstructed apple pie.

Personally, one of my favorite desserts at Battle of the Chefs was the deconstructed apple pie. It was so much easier to eat than a normal pie but had the same amazing taste. Just like Captain America, Moravian was a ready to fight and take over the dining hall

Muhlenberg College 

Naomi Sitruk

Muhlenberg channeled their inner Popeye this Battle of the Chef's with the Wimpy's Burger with roasted pork, provolone, and of course, spinach. They had the vegetarian Sweet Pea's Burger which was a sweet pea burger with chickpeas and vegan mayo on a pumpkin roll. They also had sweet potato fries and spinach as a sides with olive oil cake for dessert.

Muhlenberg definitely took the prize for their food matching their theme.

North Hampton Community College

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Naomi Sitruk

North Hampton Community College made out spidey-senses tingle with their Italian beef baguette, jerk chicken slider, pita chips, and pumpkin zeppole's for dessert. They made us feel as if we were in New York City in Spiderman with this menu.

In the end, it was a close battle but Lehigh University came out victorious receiving 299 votes followed by Muhlenberg at 203, DeSales at 99, Moravian at 73, and last North Hampton with 30.

I don't know about you, but we're already counting down the days until the next Battle of the Chefs.