Many would think that because Antigonish is so small we don't have a real choice when it comes to bars — but that isn't completely true. There is something for everyone in this little university town. Whether you're one to just sit and relax with friends over a cold one, or one to dance all night long, there's a place where everybody knows your name.

The One Who Likes to Get Jiggy - The Piper's Pub

Devon McCarron

If you like hitting the dance floor to some bumpin' tunes then you are a Piper's Pub person. You can get schwifty on the d-floor all night long with all of your friends (and some strangers) in this classic Antigonish pub.

#SpoonTip: Hit up the shooter bar in the back for the more adventurous drinkers.

A Little of This, A Little of That - Split Crow

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Devon McCarron

If you are "split" between chatting and singing along to the band, Split Crow Pub is the kind of bar where you would fit in. Sometimes you don't feel like going all out and want something casual but still fun. Split Crow has nights where you can just sit and chat with pals and other nights when live bands are filling the dance floor. A little bit for both sides of your drinking persona. 

The Socialite - The Golden X Inn

The Golden X Inn is the campus bar located on the second floor of the Bloomfield Centre. If you're someone who likes to go out and chat with as many people as possible, this bar was made for you. It is known for its more social environment, but the option to dance is always available. Chances are, if you're a socialite you probably already know that you belong at "TheInn".

The One Who Likes Activities - Dooly's

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Devon McCarron

Sometimes you don't feel like the bar atmosphere but still want to be social and have some drinks. The best place for something a little different is Dooly's Billiard Room. Here you can play pool with a group and not have the pressure to mingle with others or get down on the d-floor.

#SpoonTip: Another option could also be hitting up Pins Bowling Center. A classic game of bowling is always a laugh, especially when you have to throw something really heavy while tipsy (caution with this one). 

The Hipsters and The Old at Heart - Townhouse

coffee, pizza, beer, tea, cake
Devon McCarron

The Townhouse Brew Pub & Eatery is probably the most stereotypical hipster bar that you will find in Antigonish. It is an Irish style pub with amazing food and a wide selection of local craft beers and ciders. They even have games such as Catan that you can bring out and play while chatting with townies and profs. So hip.

Now go forth and find your bar match.