We have all been there. Out having a good time, just doin’ you, when some dude comes over and starts dancing all up on you. And you did not ask for this dude to be dancing all up on you. As it’s happening you may get a little uncomfortable or panicky, but have no fear. Just remember these 5 tips and you’ll be set to get out of a lifetime of those moments where you just want that guy to stop dancing and leave you alone. You’re welcome in advance. 

1. Garlic Breath

This plan is a win-win. Meaning you win twice and the dude loses. The first win: you get to eat garlic. Garlic bread, slather something with garlic butter, eat straight up roasted garlic- can’t go wrong. The second win: anyone tries to get all up in your grill and all you’ve gotta do is breathe in their direction. Poof, they’re gone.

Warning: if you truly commit to this tip, your friends might give you a bit of space too. Worry not! This just gives you more room to show off your cool solo moves.

2. "The Face"

A true classic. My whole grade was shown this video before our first school dance my freshman year of high school. It works. The key here is commitment. If you don’t commit to the face, you’ll get uncomfortable and bail. We can’t have that. Go all in, freeze on the spot and make the most genuinely distressed and shocked and unattractive face you can manage. I’m not gonna lie, I have actually used this in real life. It works…#confirmed.

3. Sewing Bags of SunChips Onto The Insides Of Your Clothing

It is widely recognized that it is impossible to eat SunChips quietly. The chips themselves are crunchy, but the bag is insanely loud to open as well, as anyone who has tried to eat them in a quiet space will tell you. Nobody’s going to want to be all up on you, when, as soon as they touch you those horrible crackling noises come from the chips bags, which are hiding unseen under your super cute outfit. Checkmate. 

4. Use Dem Elbows

The elbow is one of the hardest parts of the body. Put your hands on your hips while you dance as a preventative measure and while they’re swingin’ around, anyone that tries to come close risks bodily harm via your elbow. Aka, your problem is solved. 

5. Just Ask

Literally just…ask them to stop. Politely if you can. Because consent is important. It’s your body and you make the rules. Everyone else has to respect that. Simple as that.

It’s easy to joke about how to get rid of the weird dudes dancing all up on you because it is so common, but always remember that if you don’t want them there, it’s your right to tell them so, whether you say so before they even start or after you’ve been dancing with them for 2 hours.

So, stay safe out there, take note of these helpful tips for the future, and if you see anyone who needs some assistance because they clearly haven’t read this article, make sure to follow the number 1 rule of Girl Code: girls help other girls.

Happy dancing, y’all.