Despite Duke Dining's recent No. 1 ranking, there is no place on campus to get avocado toast – a true tragedy. After living without avocado for a few weeks, it was time to venture out and find the best avocado toast for any occasion. Throughout the desperate search through Durham, we realized that there are many places (only a short walk or drive away) that can satisfy avocado cravings.

Happy + Hale

Maggie Finney

Price: $7.95. Add an egg for $1.

One of the first places we went to was Happy + Hale on 9th Street, a 7 minute walk from East Campus. This restaurant is not only a convenient brunch spot on Sundays, but their toast has firey Sriracha and red pepper flakes that will kickstart your Sunday grind. This toast is the one to choose if you love hot and spicy foods.

Bull Street Gourmet & Market

Price: $7. Add an egg or bacon for $2.

A short drive from campus, Bull Street Gourmet & Market adds a lemony twist to their avocado toast. The acidity gives the toast a refreshing tangy flavor, which is paired with the dash of red pepper flakes to for a small spicy addition. The poached egg on top is a nice change from the common sunny-side-up add-on. Bull Street serves breakfast all day, so this is the perfect toast when a mid afternoon craving hits. 

Scratch Baking

Meredith Davin

Price: $6. Add an egg for $1.50.

Although Scratch may be best known for its pie, try out the avocado toast next time you visit. The toast is topped with buttermilk radishes and sea salt – plus, you can add a egg of your choice if you'd like. Make your meal a little more balanced with this toast alongside the slice of peanut butter pie.

Monuts Donuts

avocado, salad
Lexi Clifford

Price: $3.50.

Another favorite – and the cheapest – comes from Monuts Donuts. This avocado toast is listed under "Sides," and can be used to counter that donut you eat for breakfast. Or, it can be a healthy alternative (when ordered with eggs) if you're not in the mood for donuts. Topped with red pepper flakes and pumpkin seeds for crunch, this toast does not fail to satisfy.

Each toast is unique, the various flavors allow you to switch it up and try something new. Regardless of the time of day (or your mood) when the avocado toast craving hits, go out and find your favorite in Durham.