Scratch Baking, located in downtown Durham, is a colorful bakery offering pies, pastries and coffee, as well as lunch and brunch on the weekends. Craving a delicious slice of seasonal pie or an aesthetically pleasing bowl of coffee? Scratch is the place to go.

chocolate, coffee, cream, sweet, cake
Krista Stark

1. Buttermilk Sugar Pie

pie, cheesecake, sweet
Krista Stark

Scratch’s first ever pie sold, the Buttermilk Sugar Pie is definitely a must-have for anyone with a sweet tooth. It might seem bland upon first glance, but our initial taste made us realize that some things really are better in the south. With a creamy custard filling and a sweet flaky crust, this pie embodies the southern taste Scratch prides itself on. Offered year-round, this is the kind of pie you want to indulge on after classes, regardless if you just crushed your midterm, or your midterm crushed you

2. Apple Rhubarb Pie

pie, cheese, potato
Krista Stark

Have you ever eaten an apple pie that had apple flavors, but desperately needed more apples? This is definitely not the case with Scratch’s Apple Rhubarb Pie. Loaded with apples, this slice has that perfect balance of sweet and tart we all dream of. Our only regret was that we didn't eat it warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream... but we might just let that go.

3. Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

chocolate, cream, cake, cheesecake
Krista Stark

Combining chocolate and peanut butter together like the soulmates they are, this pie is the golden ratio of both flavors. The center of the pie, a peanut butter filling, is not too heavy and not too light. It's entirely mouthwatering when you get the perfect bite with brownie crust. Are you hungry yet? 

4. Chocolate Chess Pie

chocolate, cream, sweet, cake, brownie, pie
Krista Stark

The Chocolate Chess Pie is absolutely delicious and the ideal choice for any chocoholic. This flourless slice of chocolate heaven does taste more similar to either a cake or a brownie. Still, this pie is moist, decadent, and something we most definitely will order during our next visit.

chocolate, cake
Krista Stark

From its cozy atmosphere to its superb pies, Scratch Baking is the kind of place we all need to get away to every once in a while. Its constantly changing menu has us already looking forward to our next visit. Wanna come with?