As a student at Fordham University, I'm never bored. The city offers endless activities and good eats, so any free weekend in New York is an opportunity to explore. 

Having explored the city and the Bronx for the past couple of weekends, I wanted to get out of the hustle and bustle of NYC. Everything is so fast paced and I wanted to find an activity that would relax me, and there is one relaxing activity that, ironically, you can't find in the Big Apple: apple picking. 

Outhouse Orchards, a family friendly orchard, is the perfect place to wind down and grab a healthy snack. And the fact that it is right off the Metro-North is a great, convenient bonus. 

Travel & Expenses

A one way ticket to Croton Falls is $11.00 from the Fordham station with one transitional stop at White Plains. In total, it is around a 1 hour and 30 minute train ride. Once you get off the train stop, transportation is already there waiting for you! Outhouse Orchards is a popular place so many taxi services charge $5 per person for a quick 10 minute drive to the orchards. 

When I reached the orchards, there was already a line of cars waiting to get in. If you decide to drive there, it's $10 parking. However, Outhouse Orchards is atypical from any other orchard I have been to; it was more of a festival with a side of apple picking

CJ Kang

Walking into the orchards, you'll see crowds of people with no end in sight. There is a live band outside a barn with people sitting on hay stacks, food vendors waiting for the next person to serve, bouncy houses with little children inside, and many animals waiting around to be petted. Outhouse Orchards is definitely a more family friendly environment but also provides a festival vibe for all ages.  

CJ Kang


Outhouse Orchards provides endless eating options for you to enjoy. Your options include pizza, Mexican food, and classic American joints, and let's not forget about the deep fried foods and kettle corn.

I bought a whole margherita pizza for $11 and was able to share one with my friend feeling satisfied. The thin crust with a sprinkle of basil made the fresh pizza well worth the $11 spent.

CJ Kang

For those of you who are over 21, it can be accompanied with the Hard Apple Cider made with fresh apples from orchards. Don't worry though, because if you are under 21, they always have virgin cider ready at hand.

CJ Kang

Apple Picking

#SpoonTip : Apple picking season starts early September

Coming in late to the season, the trees were already picked, but have no fear, because apples were still available for me to take home. The entry fee for apple picking is $30 and for that price you will get a bag that can occupy at least 5 lbs of apples, so grab some friends and split 'em.

Since there were no more apples left to pick off of the trees, the place provided bins full of all different kinds of apples: Honey crisps, Fuji, Cortland, Granny Smiths, Mutsu, and so many more.

CJ Kang

Behind the bins, there is a nice sitting area for you to rest and enjoy some apples right before you head back to campus. The stone setting makes the place look majestic and gives you an excellent view while biting into an apple. It's a perfect spot for fall-inspired Instagram posts. 

CJ Kang

If you are looking for a nearby place to find and devour apples, Outhouse Orchards is the place for you. If you aren't looking for apple picking, it's still a place for all of your fall activity needs. This place is more than an Orchard - it's a festival. Switch up your usual Bronx weekend and go upstate to do something a little bit different than New York City.

CJ Kang

Happy picking!