Most students have some kind of caffeine dependency and if you know where to look Antigonish has the right place to feed your coffee needs wherever you are in town. Here's a list of the top spots for Antigonish coffee stops: 

The Tall and Small Café

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Devon McCarron

This Antigonish classic, which was even featured on Buzzfeed for the best coffee shops across Canada, is a place where dreams come true. A place for both students and locals alike, Tall and Small is filled with tables, couches and outlets to help with any study grind. Closing at 6:00 pm, the Tall and Small is open later than any other coffee shop.

#SpoonTip: If you're looking for something a little stronger, they have beer. 

Mini Moe's Cafe

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Lucas Middleton

On campus, DCB accessible and run by the lovely Sodexo ladies. Whether you like to study in a big comfy chair or at a table, Mini Moe's has it all. Rita wraps, coffee, muffins, cookies, sandwiches, and even a new espresso machine — Mini Moe's offers plenty of great snacks to study with. 

Pacha Mama

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Devon McCarron

Relatively new to the 'Nish, Pacha Mama is coming in hot with some of the best espresso in town. Offering almond milk and a fully vegan menu, you're guaranteed to have any dietary needs met. If you're not a coffee person, their variety of teas can also help out with that caffeine kick. 

The Waffle Bus Stop

Less known for its coffee than its waffles, this place will never disappoint. Though their coffee is usually more of an add-on to their fantastic waffles, it also holds up well as a standalone purchase. Grab a coffee with your waffle to make that rough Sunday morning a little easier.   

#SpoonTip: Every Monday their coffee is only $1. Doesn't get better than that. 

Tim Horton's

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Natalie Burns-Holland

Nothing more classic than popping into Timmy's while trekking through the blizzard to the library. Always open and always offering coffee, you know will get the job done. Also featuring Timbits, Tim Horton's is a classic and dependable option. 

#SpoonTip: Keep your eye open for the new location coming closer to campus on James Street. 


Alex Frank

McCafé? More like McCaf-yay. If you're looking for decent, cheap cup of coffee then look no further. Their recent upgrade takes their options from good to great in 2017. Not to mention, their buy-seven-get-one-free deal has you covered for group study sessions.


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Luna Zhang

Do you miss Starbucks coffee? Do you really need some food? Do you only have DCB left to pay for it all? With certified Starbucks coffee, the SUB and KMC can both hold you over until your next trip to the big city. 

The 'Nish has a little something for everybody as far as coffee goes. From the Tall and Small to Mini Moe's, your coffee needs will never go unfulfilled.