Dear Antonio's Pizza,

It was a sad day over winter break when I read the Daily Illini article about Antonio's Pizza closing its doors. Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of Cracked, but there was something special about walking through your doors and seeing rows upon rows of specialty pizzas by the slice ready to be devoured by hungry Illini. 

You brought a delicious variety of pizza that had unique combinations of toppings to Green Street. I know of no other pizza parlor on this campus where one could try chicken tortilla, mac-n-cheese and Sicilian pizza all in one visit. Your friendly staff knew every detail about these pizzas—making each visit not only tasty, but a learning experience.

The first time I walked into your store,  I was a scared senior in high school visiting the campus. I felt like Charlie walking into Wonka's Chocolate Factory. The options were overwhelming, but you guided me the whole way. Taking a bite of your popular chicken bacon ranch pizza solidified not only my college decision, but my love for you, Antonio's.

What I'm saying is popular opinion. Your proximity to campus and bars was prime. You were always there when needed, whether it be after a blurry night, a terrible midterm or a bad dinner at the dining hall. 

But, I didn't start this craze. You were loved long before I got to this campus. Illini crowded into your store to fulfill their hunger needs with some creative concoctions of pizza. You could seriously put any ingredient on a slice and it would sell because there's nothing better than trying a new pizza flavor with your buds. 

All in all, Antonio's Pizza closing is heartbreaking news and you will be missed. I guess I'll now just have to settle for dousing some Domino's pizza in hot sauce, ranch and whatever else I have in my mini fridge. Or maybe I'll just make my own.


A pizza-mourning Illini