If you were worried we might not be able to recover from 2016, don't worry because the February opening of the Avocado Show will be the savior of 2017. The Avocado Show, located in Amsterdam, is an avocado restaurant centered entirely around the green-hued food loved by health nuts far and wide. The avocado has recently taken a huge rise in popularity in the past few years, so this restaurant is coming at the perfect time. 

Even before the restaurant's opening, The Avocado Show received loads of attention on social media through Instagram and Facebook. The restaurant is being opened by three friends, Julien Zaal, Ron Simpson, and chef Jamie van Heije. It will be serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but also wants to offer an "alternative [snack] for the late-night club goer." 

They have been posting photos to get people excited about their new restaurant, but sadly not everything they're showing is guaranteed to be on the menu. They have only hinted at a few items that will definitely be served but have said that "the possibilities are endless." 

So far, the avo-centric restaurant has promised to serve "avocado burgers, avocado ice cream, chocolate-avocado smoothie, and breaded avocado fries."  The Avocado Show is expanding how we eat avocados by including in their menu more than just the avocado toast trend that's sweeping the feet off of all us basic folk. Their unique menu items are probably the reason they already have attracted 21,000 followers on Instagram

Obviously, avocados have been sweeping the U.S., but for Europe where avocados aren't as praised as they are here, this restaurant is expanding this popular trend globally, and I am sure soon enough everyone will be obsessing over this fruit and dreading the potential avocado shortages.   

I am already considering booking my flight to Amsterdam just to check it out.