When I first came to USD, San Diego was a total mystery to me. As I began to explore more of my new home, I realized that food played a huge role of not only meeting new friends but seeing new parts of San Diego. Here are a few of my favorite places, from one (former) clueless freshman to another.

Sugar and Scribe

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Katie Greene

Sugar and Scribe quickly became my favorite brunch spot in La Jolla. Their House Eggs Benedict is to die for and their S&S Hot Chocolate is actually insane. Sundays are better spent brunching and heading to the beach to explore La Jolla. Because...what's homework anyway?

Sarah's Burritos


Sarah's is the one of the best restaurants in Mission Beach. You'll somehow end up here at 3:00 pm on Saturday... if you know, you know.

Better Buzz

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Katie Greene

If you've never been to Better Buzz, are you even a USD student? I'm unhealthily obsessed with this place. It's a great environment to study in, has great coffee, and some super delicious food (I recommend the Avocado Toast or the Islander Acai Bowl). Plus, the aesthetic is veeeery nice. Your Instagram will thank you. Better Buzz, you have a place in all of our hearts. 

Belmont Park Sweet Shoppe

Katie Greene

No matter what, you have to go to Belmont Park during your freshman year at USD. It's so fun to go with friends, your roommates, and yes...especially that cute boy in your Intro to Philosophy class. The Sweet Shoppe has some of the biggest ice cream cones I've ever seen, so brace yourself. The ice cream shop itself is super cute too and makes for great pictures; that way you can show off to your hometown friends the awesomeness of San Diego. 

Trilogy Sanctuary 

I just discovered Trilogy Sanctuary a few weeks ago, and all I have to say is... where have you been all my life?! Located in La Jolla overlooking the ocean, this roof-top restaurant offers 100% vegan options. Their Mediterranean Spaghetti Squash is delicious and they offer a wide variety of health shots, smoothies, and awesome vegan desserts--you won't even realize that your meal is cruelty free! Plus, they have free yoga classes on Saturday mornings. 

Breakfast Republic

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Katie Greene

If you're looking for a closer option than Sugar and Scribe, Breakfast Republic is the way to go. From pancake flights to creative lattes, Breakfast Republic is a fun environment and their food is totally insta-worthy. I mean, just check out that S'mores French Toast. No words.

San Diego is such a fun town, and its creative and delicious restaurants make it that much better. There's always new restaurants opening up that USD students flock to in search of the newest, trendiest, and tastiest place to eat. These are definitely on the list! Have fun exploring San Diego, y'all. I promise you'll have a good time (and good food).