This summer I went to Europe for the first time and was determined to eat my way through the countries I visited. I was in London and Paris for two weeks, where I managed to eat a surprising amount of the traditional food. Being a vegetarian I was a little worried that it would be difficult for me to find meat-free options, but with a little online research before my trip, I discovered that plenty of restaurants offered veggie-friendly fare. I compiled a list of the best vegetarian meals I ate in London and Paris, and the restaurants where you can get them.

The Horse & Groom

Carolyn Prieto

When I was in London I knew that I needed to try classic British pub food. However, pubs tend to emphasize meat dishes and fish and chips – offering very few, if any, vegetarian options. Luckily, I found an exception to this stereotype on the day that I visited Windsor Castle. A nearby pub offered a mushroom and asparagus pie with the classic peas and chips on the side. The pie reminded me of a vegetarian version of a chicken pot pie. The crust was flaky, the sauce was creamy, and I felt a little less guilty knowing I was getting a serving of vegetables with my meal.


Carolyn Prieto

The name of this restaurant justifies the uniqueness of it. The building is designed to look like a tree house with wooden branches sticking out of the walls, leaves painted on the ceiling and pretend windows with views of the forest. The restaurant in South Kensington specializes in salads and grain bowls; you can order them off the menu or create your own. I ordered the Guac 'n' Roll grain bowl and substituted the chicken for mushrooms. The dish consisted of spinach, brown rice, black beans, corn, tomatoes and pickled red onion in a lime jalapeño vinaigrette. It was the perfect combination of savory, salty and spicy with the pita chips adding a satisfying crunch. The salads and bowls are made to order and contain fresh, natural ingredients that appeal to vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.


Carolyn Prieto

Wahaca is a chain of Mexican restaurants in Britain that offers a wide variety of vegetarian options. These include tacos with cactus and courgette (British word for "eggplant"), four cheese empanadas and toasted corn and spelt risotto. I ordered the sweet potato and feta taquito and it was one of the best Mexican dishes I've ever had. The crispy tortilla and the sweet potatoes complemented well with the creamy feta cheese, chipotle mayo and spicy salsa. Overall, this restaurant chain makes for a casual, affordable option for vegetarians craving Mexican food.

Cafe Atlantic

Carolyn Prieto

I've had countless veggie burgers in my day, so at this point it can be kind of hard to impress me, yet this one certainly did. I got this burger from a restaurant in the hotel I stayed in called the Pullman Paris Montparnasse. The presentation was simple, but spot-on – the burger, chips and salad were served on a charcoal slab, making the otherwise casual meal seem almost elegant. The burger patty was thin and crispy, and was topped with a slice of cheese and a cheese spread, which follows my life motto: the more cheese the merrier. The salad greens tasted very fresh and were simply dressed, allowing for their flavor to shine through. This was one of the best dinners I had in Paris and one of the best veggie burgers I've had period.

La Creperie de Josselin

Carolyn Prieto

Having crepes in Paris is a must, so they were at the top of my list of foods to try in Europe. One of the streets near the Pullman Paris Montparnasse was packed with creperies, so the options were virtually limitless. These restaurants are usually packed around dinnertime with both locals and tourists alike. Prepare to get comfortable with the people sitting next to you. La Creperie de Josselin is relatively small, with a dark wood interior and antique china hanging on the wall, giving a cabin-like feel. I ordered the vegetarian crepe, filled with egg, cheese, tomatoes, onions and mushrooms. It reminded me of a hybrid between a crepe and an omelette, and it did not disappoint. The crepe itself was thin and crispy, plus it had that cheese pull, which we all desire to have on our Instagram feed. I definitely would recommend this creperie if you're looking for authentic French food in Montparnasse.

Overall, I was extremely impressed by the vegetarian food that was available in London and Paris. Although I was nervous to find meat-free options, it really was not an issue. Now my next mission is to head back to Europe and explore what veggie-friendly food other countries have to offer.