After a few weeks of school, it was parents' weekend aka a weekend filled with nice meals parents pay for. After over a month of eating dining hall food, I was jumping at the opportunity to explore the various vegetarian places in Boston. I roamed around the halls of my dorm asking people for recommendations on where to eat and quickly found myself overwhelmed by all the dining options. After sorting through yelp reviews and googling menus (I take my food very seriously if you can’t tell), I narrowed down my list to the places I was most excited about visiting. If you're in my shoes and have friends or family visiting you in Boston here's a stress-free guide on where to eat.

Friday Dinner: By CHLOE.

Paulina Cortina

For those of you who aren’t familiar with By CHLOE., it's an increasingly popular, all vegan restaurant popping up throughout the country. They're known for their aesthetic and instagram-worthy meals and for making some of the tastiest guac burgers known to mankind. Though their burgers are often what people rave about, they also offer a variety of colorful salads, mac and “cheese”, and desserts (including my personal favorite: kale cookies n' cream ice cream!).

Saturday Breakfast: Juice Press

Paulina Cortina

Juice Press isn’t a restaurant, but is a great place to go for a light breakfast. They have every juice and smoothie combination you could ask for from the “Mother Earth” green juice to the “Almond Buttercup” smoothie. However, if you are like me and a juice/smoothie isn’t enough to completely fill you up, you also have the option of getting a delicious açaí bowl or some overnight oats. And, for all the matcha lovers out there—they have great matcha overnight oats.

Saturday Lunch: Whole Heart Provisions

Whole Heart Provisions is the perfect place to go for a filling and quick lunch. They’re known for their satisfying bowls that come from a set menu, or make-your-own. Also, if you're in a rush you can order for pick-up and even delivery! This is the place for you if you want a lunch filled with veggies, fiber, nuts or seeds, and the option of a creative dressing like coconut curry or spiced lime vinaigrette. It's definitely one of the best vegetarian places in Boston if you're craving a flavorful bowl.

Saturday Dinner: True Bistro

True Bistro is a plant based, more high end restaurant in Somerville. Their menu is made up of creative dishes with fresh and high quality ingredients. It's also home of the best cauliflower wings I have ever tasted. From cucumber spring rolls to mushroom shepherd's pie, there is definitely something on this menu for everyone. They also have a wonderful brunch menu so if you don’t have time for dinner, stop by the next morning!

Saturday Dessert: FoMu Ice Cream

Paulina Cortina

If you have a sweet tooth like me, the night isn't over until you have some dessert. FoMu was the perfect fix to my late night sugar craving. FoMu is a plant based, dairy-free ice cream shop that makes all their ice cream from scratch and with real ingredients. All of their ice cream is almond or coconut based with natural sweetening—talk about guilt-free ice cream! Their seasonal menu features festive flavors such as apple cider donut and pumpkin caramel ice cream. This is definitely a place you want to visit every season.

Sunday brunch: Tatte Bakery and Cafe

If you follow any bloggers based in the Boston area then you're definitely familiar with Tatte Bakery. It’s almost impossible for someone to go to Tatte and leave without posting a photo of their meal somewhere on social media. It’s too good not to share! As an avocado toast enthusiast, I was dying to try their famous avocado toast and see if it lived up to the hype (of course, it did). Aside from their brunch menu they also have a bakery with treats ranging from a ginger morning bun to a lemon mint tarte. Overall, going to Tatte’s is the perfect way to start your morning before sending your parents or friends on their way back home

Next time you're scrambling for a place to take your friends or family, hopefully this list can make your decision a little easier. Also, though many of these restaurants are vegan, vegetarian, or just serve many vegetarian dishes, they can be enjoyed by anyone. The rest of my family isn’t vegetarian but they enjoyed the food as much as I did! On another note, I had a lot of fun exploring the many vegetarian places in Boston and I am so grateful to be living so close to a place with such diverse food options. I hope you enjoy it as well!