A new cookie shop has opened in downtown New Haven! Moon Rocks is located right in between Ashley’s Ice Cream and Yorkside Pizza, so this little shop is hard to miss.

What makes Moon Rocks unique is how they prepare their cookies. Inspired by the owner’s family recipe, each cookie is baked from scratch and made with all natural ingredients. We’re talking real cream cheese, real fruits, real chocolate. And instead of piling on the sugar to make them overly sweet, these cookies are made with less than one teaspoon of sugar.

While they have around 20 varieties in store every day, Moon Rocks Gourmet Cookies boasts about 80 different flavors that they rotate throughout the year. 80. Different. Cookies. People. We got to try some--both classic and seasonal--and came up with a ranking:

1. S’mores

This one was definitely a winner. A classic flavor that won us over with its graham cracker crumb coat.

2. Salted Caramel

Great for any caramel lover and pairs well with the added chocolate chips.

3. Maple Chocolate Chip

A twist on a classic cookie. The maple taste adds the right amount of sweetness to make this cookie pretty flavorful.

4. Cannoli

A dessert that tastes good in any form.

5. Tuxedo Mousse

This cookie is made from chocolate dough and has white chocolate chips, but lacked some flavor in our opinion.

6. Strawberry Yogurt

Although this cookie took us back to our gogurt-eating days, we thought the taste was a bit too strong.

7. Orange Creamsicle

This one was definitely unique, but we ranked it towards the end because the orange taste was more than we could handle.

While we thought the fruit-inspired cookies were a bit too adventurous for us, we enjoyed the tastes of the some classics packed into a chunky cookie. And if you’re gluten free or vegan, they have cookie flavors for you, too!

If you’re not in the mood for cookies, keep in mind Moon Rocks also sells cupcakes, brownies, and serves tea and coffee from local partners. 

Let us know what flavors you like best!