From ice cream to chocolate and even french fries, food museums seem to be popping up everywhere. The latest one: the Museum of Candy.

Food museums are no stranger to New York. Two years ago, the Museum of Ice Cream opened its first location in New York City, and it has now gone on to open several more locations in places including Los Angeles and Miami. The Museum of Ice Cream was a complete experience for foodies of all ages. Rather than just giving out ice cream and teaching some history, the museum took you through a series of rooms all centered around the theme of ice cream. The MOIC took over people's Instagrams feeds with pictures of giant ice cream pops and pool of sprinkles. 

For those who missed out on the Museum of Ice Cream (or just don't like ice cream, but who doesn't), fear not. The Museum of Candy is opening this summer in New York City.

Created by the restaurant with the crazy, colorful, smoking drinks, you know, The Sugar Factory, the attraction will feature tons of sugar-filled photo ops and samples. The founder of The Sugar Factory, and now Museum of Candy, Charissa Davidovici said that she came up with the idea when she noticed guests were obsessed with taking pictures in front of the life-sized Candy Dot wall inside the restaurant

Museum Features 

Located at 656 Sixth Avenue at 20th Street in Chelsea, The Museum of Candy is going to have a lot more to offer than just, well, candy. Filled into the 30,000 square foot building, the museum will house 15 candy-themed, instagramable rooms, each centered around a different candy. There will also be a Sugar Factory location within the museum for all the foodies out there.

As for now, Sugar Factory has not released too many details. There will be more to find out when the restaurant opens its doors this summer. I don't see how the Museum of Candy will be anything short of amazing. Once they open its doors, photos will be all over Instagram as fast as the ice cream bar swing was from the Museum of Ice Cream.