Get ready, California. The Museum of Ice Cream officially announced that it will be coming to Los Angeles for its latest location. It will be open from April 22-May 29. Ticket details will be available later this week.

A while ago, I wrote a column that was partially about the first Museum of Ice Cream, which opened last year in New York City. Since then, I've been fascinated with everything sprinkles, ice cream, and chocolate related. So, if the thought of a museum filled to the brim with ice cream and ice cream related items makes your heart palpitate, read on.

What We Know

The first museum featured exhibits like a swimming pool filled with plastic sprinkles, ice cream light fixtures, and even a wall stacked with golden ice cream cones. However, it was only open for one month, and it attracted many ice cream fans—selling over 30,000 tickets in just five days.

According to its FAQ page, tickets for adults (13+) are $29 and ones for children (3-12) and seniors (60+) are $18. And yes, ice cream is included with admission.

How the Idea Came About

According to an article from The New York Times, Maryellis Bunn, the creative strategist for the Museum of Ice Cream, said she used to dream of jumping into a pool full of sprinkles as a child. As a result, she created the museum with a specific target audience in mind—millennials.

Bunn also told the Times that she understood how millennials wanted to be able to show,—not just tell—their social media followers what they did that day.

What We're Hoping For

It's unclear if the Los Angeles museum will be exactly like the New York museum. But if it is, we're all definitely in for a treat. Although there hasn't been any talk about what the new museum will have as displays, its Instagram account shows some huge potential for a good time. 

If you love ice cream (who doesn't?), consider taking a trip to the Museum of Ice Cream. Not only will you get to see some really bright and interesting exhibits, you'll get to show your friends just what you were up to.