It's 7:30pm in Bird Library with your friends, and your stomach is rumbling. Three more pages of your ETS whatever paper to write, and you haven't eaten since your Kubal pick-me-up at 1pm. What's the move? Obviously some takeout Syracuse sushi.

But, then the loaded question comes into play: Where should you order from? 

Everyone at the table has his or her own idea of the BEST Syracuse sushi... So begins the great debate.

I decided to dig deeper into this debate and see where Syracuse students' sympathies lie. After some polls, deep questioning, and evaluation, I found that people are VERY certain of which Syracuse sushi they prefer:


The Delivery Guy at Oishi seemed to be a main reason why people enjoy ordering from here. One student said, "Great delivery guy." Another said, "Anthony the delivery guy is hot." 

Some students said Oishi is faster. One even went to say, "Takes 2 seconds." 

A few Oishi lovers choose here because they find the fish to be less sketchy. One student said, "It hasn't given me food poisoning like [Asahi]."


Some students find Asahi to be fresher. One said, "It uses less rice than Oishi and better quality fish." Another said it is simply, "Less mediocre."

Another aspect of Asahi that its fans love are the deals. One student said, "The three rolls with soup for $15 deal is killer and the fish is better."

Again, a few students choose Asahi because they are less grossed out by it. One student said, "Oishi is narsty." Another student said, "The physical restaurant is nicer [than Oishi]. Makes me feel better about the fish I'm eating."

The Misfits

Below are some Syracuse sushi honorable mentions.

Bleu Monkey:

"They have more exotic rolls that I enjoy a lot."

"The bento box is so good." 

"The cobra roll is bomb."


"It's far from campus and kind of pricey but the fish tastes fresher than it does at Oishi and/or Asahi. Plus it's the only sushi near campus that doesn't make me sick after I eat it."

"Oishi and Asahi are [too] nasty and I'm spoiled from home sushi I guess."

"Oishi and Asahi do not have edible fish [like Yamasho]. If you eat fish from there you probably will die." 


"Cleanest place and cheap." 


So, how many mediocre spicy tunas does it take to choose the best sushi restaurant? Syracuse may never know.

*All quotes in this article are opinions, not facts.*