Going home to New York for Thanksgiving meant two things for me: 1. I got to see my family and be asked a million questions about college, and 2. I got a brief, but oh-so-welcome break from the food at college. New York is obviously known for many types of food (which I had been constantly craving for the past three months), but the food it is probably most famous for is the thing I missed the most. Pizza. So, to remember my wonderful four days home, I have compiled a list of my personal favorite pizza spots in NYC and yes, I tried my very best to hit them all up during break. 

1. John's of Times Square 

John's is a New York classic. This is a place to sit down and fully admire the food: their locations don't even serve slices, but rather large pizzas to share. Their location in Times Square makes it the perfect stop before or after a show. This does mean that it tends to get very crowded, but it's worth every second of the wait!

What to order: at a New York institution like this one, you can't go wrong with the classic Margherita. Guaranteed to please everyone you are sharing the large pizza with.  

2. Rubirosa 

Rubirosa, in downtown Manhattan, is home to a variety of unique, and very Instagram-able, pizzas. Their menu includes pizza made with vodka sauce, sausage and broccoli rabe, and a "tie-dye" pizza shown in the picture above. 

What to order: You really can't go wrong with a pizza labeled as tie-dye - I mean, look at that pesto!

3. Artichoke Basille's Pizza 

With several locations in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn, Artichoke Basille's Pizza is quickly becoming a New York staple. And for good reason too. At their locations, you can pick up a slice of the classics like their Margherita or pepperoni pizzas, their famous artichoke pizza, as well as their crab and meatball pizzas. 

What to order: My personal favorite is a slice they call "Staten Island," which is topped with meatballs, red onions, and ricotta cheese. You know, the works. 

4. Rocky's Pizzeria 

Photo by Mona Miller on Unsplash

Unsplash on unsplash

I've saved my favorite for last. Rocky's is known for its specialty slices, a list of which will sound like a late-night pizza dream: barbecue chicken, bacon ranch and tomato, chicken caesar, and pesto and mozzarella. They also serve a range of pasta pizzas, (yes, the pasta is served on the pizza, yes it's as delicious as you'd think), including cheese ravioli, lasagna, and their BEAUTIFUL penne alla vodka pizza. Clearly, their creative pizzas are very big meals, so make sure to come hungry, and you won't leave disappointed. 

What to order: Penne. Alla. Vodka. In a Pizza!

The next time you go to New York, make sure to check out these places. And be happy in knowing that there is only three short weeks left until Winter Break, which means another opportunity to eat real, non-dining hall food from your home town!