My past experience with Asian fusion food has definitely ended up on both sides of the good-bad spectrum. But after trying place once, it definitely exceeded the good side of the spectrum, while also placing a strong place in my heart.  This was why I definitely had to come back another time to try some more delicious, quality dishes. 

Jenny Tarin


Left to Right: Mai Tai Tiki, Lychee Sangria, Guava Mojito and Apple Soju Cocktail. 

To start the night, drinks anyone?  This place is quite popular at night because of the great bar scene.  With the music blasting, fairy lights on and violet walls lit up, the best way to start the night is with some of their beautiful, delicious and refreshing drinks.  They offer a variety of innovative drinks on their menu, and here are some definitely worth checking out! 

My favorites have to be the Apple Soju Cocktail and Guava Mojito because I thought they were the perfect combination of sourness and refreshing combined into one glass. Aren't they all so PITCHER perfect? 


Jenny Tarin

Sweet & Sour Pork Dumplings - Sweet soy + honey glaze, shredded carrot, scallion.

Of course, how can someone who grew up in an Asian household (or anyone in general, honestly) not LOVE dumplings?  These crispy, sweet and sour pork dumplings were great because the outside dumpling shell was so crispy and glazed with soy and honey sauce drizzled, while the dumpling fillings were ever so soft and flavorful with the perfectly seasoned sweet and sour pork inside.

Jenny Tarin

Kimchi Fried Calamari- House made Kimchi, tempura batter.

Between the four of us at the table, we could definitely handle more than one appetizer... especially with their innovative appetizers like Kimchi Fried Calamari?  How can you even turn that down?  As a lover of both Kimchi and Calamari, this dish definitely didn't disappoint as my friends and I easily finished the whole dish.  The calamari was super crispy with the tempura batter coated, along with the kimchi parts which were found at the bottom as well.  Not to mention, the calamari sauce was awesome and tasted just like my favorite spicy mayo!

Jenny Tarin

Pupu Platter- Lobster rangoons, fried spring rolls, beef teriyaki skewers, sweet and spicy wings, shrimp tempura. 

More like a platter with all of my favorite Asian appetizers. The Pupu Platter comes with a cute little fire grill in the middle.  I grew up eating a lot of the platter (i.e. fried spring rolls, rangoons, beef skewers) as snacks or with sticky rice, so I just had to try a bit of everything.  Every single bite tasted absolutely scrumptious! 

Jenny Tarin

Unagi Roll- Unagi, cucumber, carrot, avocado, unagi sauce, black and white sesame.

Unagi means eel in Japanese, and seeing it on the 'rolls' side of the menu also means (as a side note to myself) you need to try this dish.   I liked the Unagi Rolls because I thought they were the perfect size, and had a bit of all my favorite sushi ingredients in one!  Koy's menu also has a wide variety of rolls to choose from for all the sushi lovers out there like myself.

Main Course

Jenny Tarin

Walnut Chili Shrimp- Korean soy, sauteed walnuts, jumbo shrimp, Asian vegetables, white rice.

The combination of sauteed walnuts and jumbo shrimp drizzled in Korean soy sauce consisted of delicious sweet, sour and tangy flavors from the soft and perfectly-cooked jumbo shrimps.  In particular, I also enjoyed the mushrooms cooked into that dish as well!

Chef Special

Jenny Tarin

Branzino- Steamed whole fish, soy, ginger, traditional accompaniments. 

The final dish served to us that night by the chef, Master Chang himself, was the steaming hot, crispy and tangy Branzino!  First of all, I loved how the fish tasted SUPER fresh.  Likewise to the dumplings, it was fried perfectly so that it was nice and crispy on the outside, with soft, tender and flavorful fish meat on the inside.  I really couldn't have asked for a better way to end the night.  Many bites later, all that was left on that plate were the little fish bones (which by the way, you should be careful of when trying this dish!) and it was SO worth it.

Jenny Tarin

6 dishes, 4 friends, 0 leftovers.  This gem in Boston's North End is definitely worth checking out on a fun night out, for hosting a party, or really, on any occasion!  On one of the many cold Bostonian winter nights, I suggest bringing your loved ones to enjoy some steaming hot Korean fusion food, go for a digestion walk around Fanueil Hall afterwards to admire the pretty fairy lights... and if you get cold, grab some hot chocolate for dessert!  But above all, a BIG thank you to Koy for a truly quality time at Koy Boston!  To great vibes, innovative dishes and good company. 

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