Missed lunch because you were too busy running from class to class? Already tired of the dining hall food? The Harvard food trucks in Science Center Plaza have got you covered. While new ones continue to drive in and surprise us, here are the best ones to try. 

1. Bon Me

Bored of making the same sandwich or salad day after day?Check out Bon Me, winner of the City of Boston’s Food Truck Contest in 2010, for their take on the classic Vietnamese bánh mì sandwich, a rice bowl, or a noodle salad. And, while you’re at it, refresh yourself with their Thai Basil Limeade after class.

2. Roxy’s Grilled Cheese

Some days you just need a classic grilled cheese to get you through the day. Their different takes on this old-school staple are endless.

#SpoonTip: Try the hand cut truffle fries. They will knock your socks off.

3. Rhythm ‘N Wraps

This food truck has vegetarian wraps that even a die-hard meat-lover would enjoy. Plus, all the spices and herbs provide great health benefits and have been used for medicinal and gastronomical purposes for thousands of years.

3. Hometown Poke Food

If you're like us, you can't wait for Pokèworks to open up in the Square. Luckily, we’ve got the Hometown Poke Food Trailer to satisfy our cravings for the trendiest Hawaiian dish. With different protein options and lots of topping choices, this truck has something for everyone.

#SpoonTip: Try making your own poke bowl with this guide.

4. Stoked Wood Fired Pizza

Can’t say no to a wood-fired pizza made just for you? Neither can we. A perfect personal pizza is just what you need between lectures on a cold day.

#SpoonTip: Any of their cheese pizzas can be made with vegan cheese substitutes for all of you who are dairy-free.

4. Chik Chak

What’s better than having a truck serving Middle Eastern cuisine come straight to you? Try out their falafels, shawarma or hummus that are to die for. And, they use kosher ingredients.

5. Tenoch’s Móvil

If you’ve never had a torta before, go to Tenoch’s and try one. You’re life will forever change by this pressed sandwich filled with meat, chicken, cheese, or anything else you can think of.

6. Zinneken’s

If you're like me and love the storefront location, get excited because now we can get our waffles on the go, too. Just passing by the truck will make your mouth water, and the waffles taste even better than they smell. If you don't believe me, read this review.

#SpoonTip: Add caramel, Nutella, whipped cream, or anything else your heart desires to customize the waffle of your dreams.

If you want to explore more food trucks around Boston, check out this article on the best food trucks in the city.