Chaayos has been serving the ‘Meri Wali Chai’ for all of us since past 4 years, the Chauvanist in me thanks the owner for its inception, because I cannot recall a single experience when the chai here didn’t make my heart giddy and warm. The hospitable staff and the fun décor adds to the list of reasons to come back here.

We've already mentioned our love for Chaayos previously, and the new winter menu, which has been curated especially for the season makes us love Chaayos even more!

So, we bring to you our favorite 9 things from their menu that you just cannot miss and will keep coming back for, even if you aren’t a big chai fan.

1. Napoli Sandwich

cake, sweet, bread
Srishti Chauhan

A focaccia bread sandwich with a stuffing of beautifully roasted garlic mushrooms with herbs & spices. The garlic taste is prominent and the sandwich is really fulling. It is served with a heavenly dip which compliments the mushrooms so well.

2. Kulhad Chai

cappuccino, chocolate, espresso, milk, tea, coffee
Srishti Chauhan

If you’ve ever been to Chaayos, chances are that you’ve tried this one and fallen in love with it. It is the perfect ‘meri wali chai’ for me, spiked with saffron and ginger. I bet this can make anyone’s day better.

3. Thepla Tacos

Available in both chicken and paneer fillings, these Mexican tacos with the nIdian twist will surely make you addicted. The flavors are amazing with the perfect crunch, and can easily fill you up.

4. Chocolate Shake

tea, alcohol, stout, wine, ale, beer
Srishti Chauhan

Chaayos has something to offer to everyone. Be it a chai lover or not a chai lover, you won’t leave this place disappointed. This chocolate shake is loaded with chocolate and is super smooth and light. 

5. Sab Kuchh Chai

chocolate, coffee, milkshake, smoothie, milk
Srishti Chauhan

Chaayos takes the name on its menu very seriously. This chai has 14 spices in all - Tulsi, Adrak, Elaichi, Saunf, Laung, Cinnamon, Masala, Kali Mirch, Mint, Ajwain, Moti Elaichi, Hari Mirch - all add-ons. You can customise it according to your taste.

6. Kulhad Pav Bhaji

This one is from the new winter menu, and we bet you would not be able to refuse to indulge in this one. The flavors and the consistency of the bhaji, served with soft buns (pavs) and a generous serving of butter - it just sums up to be perfect in every way.

7. Modinagar Shikanji

milk, coffee, ice
Srishti Chauhan

If you’re off tea, then you should definitely go for this. Mint, Ginger, Lime and the masala makes modinagar shikanji a homestyle shikanji.

8. Golden Green Tea

The healthy twist to your tea is here. This exotic Golden Green Tea  has a dash of spices and honey, and is a soothing, refreshing break from your regular tea. 

9. In-house Cakes

sweet, bread
Srishti Chauhan

The cakes here are super soft, moist and full of flavors. Carrot cake has strong flavors of ginger and raisins and it kicks you right in your taste buds. The Banana cake has flavors of banana and cinnamon. They are also offering special winter flavors like Plum, Apple Streusel, Date and Fig and Chocolate Factory. You shouldn’t give them a miss.

Don't forget to tell us how did you like these when you go to Chaayos next.