When it comes to LA restaurants, there are so many food options that it's almost impossible to decide where to eat. Visiting home during college breaks is the perfect time to catch up on all of the foods that you've missed, and these are some must-eat foods to make sure to try this break.

1. Ramen at Tatsu

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Arianna Cooper

Not only is it hard to find good ramen in some parts of the country, but it is especially hard to find ramen that can compete with Tatsu. Tatsu is open until 2 am on weekdays and 3 am on weekends, so it is an essential place to stop by during break.

2. Tacos at Plancha Tacos

LA natives are spoiled when it comes to tacos, and they are certainly a must-eat food. Plancha Tacos is conveniently located of West 3rd Street and Venice Beach and offers many options. They offer three of their signature tacos for $6 and and also have signature tacos and breakfast tacos.

3. Korean BBQ at Bulgogi Hut

There is no better place to go with a group of friends than Korean BBQ. Bulgogi Hut offers all you can eat appetizers and meat for only $15.99. You also get the classic experience of cooking your own meat on the grill. 

4. Açai Bowls at Amazebowls

Arianna Cooper

Especially in college, dining halls typically lack quality fruit selections. Açai bowls are the perfect way to fulfill your fresh fruit cravings over break. Amazebowls even serves açai bowls in coconuts, which tastes amazing and is aesthetically pleasing.

6. Anything with avocado at Groundwork Coffee

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Arianna Cooper

Your friends in college may make fun of you for being an avocado snob, but you can’t find avocados comparable to Californian avocados. Along with Groundwork Coffee offering an incredible coffee selection, make sure to fulfill your avocado craving with their poached eggs served in avocados.

6. Brunch at Blu Jam Café

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Arianna Cooper

Blu Jam Café has locations in Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, and Woodland Hills all serve crunchy french toast. Although you may need to wait in line for a while, it’s worth it for their brioche friend toast with cornflakes, fresh berries, and vanilla bean sauce. 

7. Frozen Yogurt at The Bigg Chill

Frozen yogurt is also a food that can be found in many places, but there is nothing like coming home and going to classic LA frozen yogurt places like The Bigg Chill. If you want to meet up with some friends, The Bigg Chill is a great place to hang out and enjoy frozen yogurt with their addicting vegan cookie dough. 

8. Boba at It's Boba Time

There are endless options for boba drinks in LA and it is an essential drink while you are back home. It's Boba Time currently has 17 locations in Southern California, so they are conveniently located in different neighborhoods. Boba is a crucial part of any LA food experience. 

9. In-N-Out

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Arianna Cooper

How could you spend time back home without going to In-N-Out? It is a Californian classic and no matter how hard other people will try to argue that their favorite burger joint is better, you will always crave In-N-Out. Not only do they have incredible burgers and milkshakes, but there is nothing like their animal fries from the secret menu

These are only a few examples of worthy foods to eat over your break, but you aren't limited to just these nine.