This goes out to all you chicken lovers. Here are the best chicken options in Granville, Ohio for whenever you are craving your favorite type of meat out there. The good thing is that all of these delicious options are located right down The Hill at your convenience, so eat up!

Alex, Alfie's Wholesome Food

This delicious chicken and pesto filled sandwich is the way to go! The Alex is loaded with chicken, pesto, tomato, mozzarella and spinach, coated with a delicious balsamic glaze all inside of a baguette. AND, it is named after Spoon Denison's very own Alex Frank!

Chicken Breast Diane, Granville Inn

If your parents come to town, you should definitely go to the Granville Inn. This chicken is one that goes well with a delicious, fancy dinner that you know you are craving. Big bonus? It comes with some greens and potatoes! Who doesn't love that? I know I do.

Mill St. Bourbon Chicken, Broadway Pub 

Looking for a nice dinner? Go to Broadway Pub and get this chicken. It is a delicious chicken breast, coated in a bourbon glaze. It is definitely the kind of meal you want when you get sick of dining hall dinners.

Japanese Fried Chicken, Mai Chau

What chicken lover doesn't love fried chicken? Although the classic American fried chicken is delicious, so is this Japanese spin that comes in a steamed bun! 

Buffalo Chicken Dip, Broadway Pub

If you are looking for the best pub food in Granville, this is your place. This creamy, cheesy dip is the perfect table sharer, but make sure you get in there first! Trust me, it goes fast. 

Apricot Chicken Salad, Alfie's Wholesome Food

In the mood for a healthy lunch that obviously involves chicken? Alfie's apricot chicken salad is the perfect healthy lunch. Pair it with 2 other sides in a combo and you are all set! Alfie's is a great healthy option and, in my opinion, is one of the best places to get lunch in Granville.

Smoked Chicken Wings, Moe's Original Bar-B-Que

Wings are a classic, but these wings you cannot miss! Moe's wings are not your everyday hot wings. These wings are smoked, flash fried, and tossed in an original sauce that makes them extra special and delicious! 

C.C.B., Snapshots

Looking for your favorite meat in a classic sandwich? Snapshots has it. The C.C.B. at Snapshots is your classic ham, swiss, mayo and dijon mustard sandwich, but they add oven roasted chicken to make it even more unique. This sandwich is unreal! 

Chicken Fajitas, Day y Noche

A large steaming plate of chicken, peppers and onions to design your very own fajita. It is the perfect makings for a delicious dinner that you can put together yourself. 

Now you know where to go when craving the food you love. These 9 chicken filled meals are my go-to's when eating in Granville, and I recommend them all! Being a chicken lover myself, I escape the dining hall regularly to feast on some of these delicious options. So, I highly suggest you make a trip down the hill soon to try them out!


a girl who just loves chicken