Ever crave late night food but never get fully satisfied by what you ordered? Well, 8Ball Meatball has decided to step up the late night game with its new concept-based menu and endless nom options. Recently opened in the heart of Fells Point, this restaurant prides itself in its low price point and casual atmosphere. Here are some things you should know about the restaurant before stopping by.

1. They’re a family run restaurant.

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Maria Wang

Owner Paul Weitz said his family began with restaurants at the BWI airport but he wanted to expand to more local Baltimore spaces. He was lucky enough to find the perfect location in Fells Point, which he equipped with large tables and outdoor seating.

2. They’re open late.

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Maria Wang

Yup, you heard that right. The only thing better than limitless meatball combinations is ordering them as a late night snack. Pop over after a night out in Fells for a casual atmosphere and great cheap-eats options that will leave you completely satisfied. 8Ball Meatball is open Thursday through Saturday nights until 2 AM and all other nights until 12 AM.

3. Their meatball menu is designed in a build-your-own dish style.

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Maria Wang

Pick your ball, sauce, and style to make your own customizable meal. Go with the classic meatball or be adventurous and choose from chicken, spicy pork, veggie, or special options.

4. You can put meatballs on any of the side dishes.

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Maria Wang

Just like it says on the menu, you can ask to have meatballs placed on top of the side dishes as well. Weitz recommends trying the spicy pork meatballs over the potato hash (yum).

5. They serve more than just meatballs.

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Maria Wang

Contrary to what the name suggests, 8Ball Meatball serves up small plates and large plates with everything from pho to risotto.

6. You can put an egg on anything for $1.

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Maria Wang

Literally anything. Throw an egg over the pho or slide it into your meatball sub for an extra kick to your meal.

7. They offer bottomless brunch.

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Maria Wang

Grab your friends and make a trip one weekend to get bottomless mimosas and Bloody Marys for just $13. The open seating and natural lighting at 8Ball Meatball only add to the ambiance, making for a great brunch option.

8. Hopkins students get a 10% discount.

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Maria Wang

Who doesn't love a great deal on food? Give yourself a reason to splurge and sample multiple items on the menu (because they’re honestly all great options). Make sure to mention that you are a Hopkins student or faculty to get this exclusive discount.

Be sure to check out the official 8Ball Meatball website for the menu and hours of operation, and follow 8Ball Meatball on Instagram for daily foodie inspiration.