Not all of us have been to Italy but we sure can eat like we have. Sure, Lizzie McGuire got the gelato AND to pretend to be an international popstar, but Frost Gelato gives us the real deal gelato right here in the states. And THAT's what dreams are made of.  

Frost Gelato, more commonly known as Frost, is a gelato restaurant that brings Italy's favorite dessert to us here in the good ol' U.S of A. They have a wide variety of traditional flavors as well as fun flavors like Bubblegum and Guinness Beer. All of their ingredients are fresh and they put in the work to keep their gelato as true to the traditional stuff in Italy.

They have locations in cities like Chicago, Albuquerque, Austin, Dallas, Orange County, Phoenix, Tuscan, and San Diego. There are so many reasons why you need to find your closest Frost and try some ASAP, but here are just eight. 

1.  Gelato Has More Flavor Than Ice Cream

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Kristi Pfeiffer

Since ice cream contains a higher portion of cream, often times the flavor of the ice cream is overpowered by the creaminess. Gelato has the creamy mouthfeel you crave with the intense flavor of your choice. You are actually able to taste the flavor until the very last bite. This is crucial and makes this dessert experience THAT much more incredible.

2. The Amazing Flavor Options

Kristi Pfeiffer

The variety of flavor options is overwhelming. But no worries, the workers are very patient and let you sample all of your choices until you find "the one." My personal favorite is Europe's favorite cookie, aka the Lotus Cookie. Two other classics are sea salt caramel and cookies n' cream. Some great fruit options are strawberry champagne and pina colada. They even have seasonal flavors like pumpkin the fall. No judgement with being #basic with the pumpkin spice, because it is well worth the hype.

3.  It's Made Fresh Daily

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Becky Hughes

Frost makes their gelato fresh every day, and that is the kind of extra I aspire to be. You should never settle for day old gelato and Frost makes sure that you don't have to. They put in the hard work and dedication when it comes to making sure your gelato is fresher than the fresh prince himself.

4.  Gelato is Healthier Than Ice Cream

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Rica Beltran

Too good to be true? Think again. A trademark of Frost is their nutritional information that they advertise all over their stores. The average calorie content for a single serving of ice cream is around 280, but Frost gelato contains 130-180 calories per serving. Gelato also contains far less fat at around 2.6 grams per serving while regular ice cream can contain up to 14 grams. Eating Frost is a great way to #TreatYoSelf to dessert. 

5. Their Diabetic and Dairy Free Flavors

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Liz Joyce

To all my diabetic and lactose intolerant friends, this place is for you. They have plenty of options for you regardless of your dietary restrictions or preferences. For my diabetic friends, they have hazelnut, chocolate, and espresso flavors that are sugar-free. They also have delicious sorbet options for those of you who are dairy-free. Frost makes sure no one misses out on all the tasty fun no matter what.`

6. Just Look at Their Beautiful Presentation

Kristi Pfeiffer

Frost displays all their gelato in a glass case and decorates their flavors accordingly. Each flavor is decked out appropriately with flowers, cracked coconuts, chocolate covered espresso beans, open-faced fruit, or full sized cookies. Not only is their gelato fantastic, their presentation is just as spectacular. 

7. All Ingredients are Imported from Italy

To keep it as authentic as possible, their ingredients and equipment are nearly all imported from Italy. This doesn't include their eggs and dairy because they're all about keepin' it as fresh. Their gelato making process is as traditional as the real deal back in the homeland to ensure that you don't miss out on the full Italian experience.

8. Fancy Edible Garnishes

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Kristi Pfeiffer

They garnish each treat with a mini edible cookie straw. It's the perfect addition to gelato and great for beginning or ending your frozen dessert. You can also ask them to add some of the toppings from the presentation of the flavors on your own creation. They gave me a full lotus cookie in my gelato. Frost never hesitates on going the extra mile.

We're still waiting for Paolo to find us and make us an international popstar for a week in Italy, but in the meantime we can enjoy a real Italian luxury right here in the states. Gelato is a traditional Italian dessert that no one should miss out on, even if we can't all travel around Italy. Shout out to Frost for bringing this tasty treat to the states.