Fayetteville has always been known for its fresh Farmers' Market and natural food selection, but sometimes college students can't afford the pricey products available to them throughout town and need more practical options. Here are eight reasons why I believe Trader Joe's, the best grocery store around, belongs in the best college town.

1. Cookie Butter

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Although you can get this jar of gingerbread goodness at most grocery stores now-a-days, nothing compares to Trader Joe's. They're known for their high quality products that are affordable, and the Fayetteville community is missing out on this gem. I personally stock up in my hometown every time I leave for college but sometimes that doesn't cut it. When you can spread this mixture on pretty much anything and it still tastes good, why live without it?

2. The Frozen Food Selection

It's 2 am, you've been studying all night and all you want is fast and easy food without having to leave your house. You could go for the frozen pizza for the dozenth time, or you could check out any of these healthier, more satisfying options. Trader Joe's is no stranger to frozen foods, and even their frozen desserts are a healthier option than binging on junk food. You don't have to feel bad because Trader Joe's doesn't carry any GMO foods, or have high fructose corn syrup, trans fat, or artificial colors or flavors in their products. 

3. The Atmosphere

It seems like at every corner in Fayetteville there is an "insta-worthy" spot, and Trader Joe's is no exception. With their friendly staff, in-store art work, and dozens of flower pots right when you walk in, the welcoming and fun atmosphere would fit perfectly in the Northwest Arkansas community. 

4. The countless vegetarian and vegan options

Keeping up with select diets in college can be tough between dining hall food and keeping it cheap. Trader Joe's has a everything from toaster waffles to chickenless chicken strips for the vegan and vegetarian alike on a budget.  

5. Cheap Wine

Need I say more? What better way is there to de-stress from a long week than a glass of wine. I know $2 or $3 wine may sound undrinkable, but during a blind taste test, several drinkers couldn't tell the difference between Trader Joe's "Two Buck Chuck" and pricier options.

6. Affordability

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Fayetteville just opened its first Whole Foods this year, and while that opened up an array of healthier options for students and families, Whole Foods is significantly more expensive than other grocers. However, because Trader Joe's doesn't spend money on marketing and sells all of their own label products, the store is able to keep its prices low. No more sacrificing quality to keep your college budget in check.

7. It’s so much more than a grocery store

While Trader Joe’s has deals galore in the food department, it’s also made a mark with its natural beauty and cleaning supplies. Their shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, and body washes (just to name a few) are highly esteemed by beauty bloggers and yours truly. With prices that cheap, students can actually enjoy buying products that once seemed way out of reach (and you can use that extra cash for some Two Buck Chuck).

8. There's even a petition online

So many people want a Trader Joe's in Northwest Arkansas that they've created a petition online that's reached over 15,000 signatures. If that many people believe a Trader Joe's would make Fayetteville an even happier place to live, you should too.

Check out TJ's website, where you can request a location, and maybe we can all work together to get Trader Joe's here in Fayetteville!