College is tiring, food is good, and the walk to the dining hall is just sooo far. Whatever you're doing, you do not feel like leaving bed. We've all been there.

I feel for you, and I know that sometimes we all want a little more than the ever-present, low-quality, mass-produced options that seem to flood college campus'. Cornell is (sadly) no different. Consider this article your one-stop shop to all things yummy and lazy. Order from one of the five spots I discuss below and I promise you won't be disappointed. Pinkie.

1. CoreLife Eatery

Carly Perlmutter

If you're like me, you love all things sushi. Corelife Eatery's sushi-inspired poke bowls are my go-to delivery meal. My order: brown rice, tuna, avocado, lettuce, carrots, and pico de gallo (find my favorite homemade pico de gallo recipe here)! Mmhmm.

2. Sushi Osaka

As I said before, I'm a total sushi fanatic. While the sushi in Ithaca may not compare to what I'm used to back home, Sushi Osaka is hands-down the best sushi I've found here. What's more, it came in under twenty minutes the last time I ordered it! So I guess if you love sushi and have no patience when it comes to food deliveries, this is the ideal place for you. 

Megan Rivenburg

3. Insomnia Cookies

Okaaay moving on from the sushi-related delivery options. Cookies! It's 3am, you just got back to your dorm, and you're not in the right place of mind to do anything but get in bed. Call Insomnia before you hit the pillow. It will taste 10x better than any cookie you eat during the day. Pinkie.

chocolate, cookie, chocolate cookie
Izzi Kornfeld

4. D.P. Dough

Another late-night favorite that I probably wouldn't enjoy as much (if at all) during the day is D.P. Dough. From calzones, pizza, and mozzarella sticks, to brownies, cookies, and fried ice cream, D.P. Dough is ready and able to satisfy any and all cravings.

pizza, pepperoni, dough, crust, sauce, mozzarella, cheese
Emily Waples

5. Chipotle

So original, right? I know. I'm only including this one because I feel like I'd be hiding something if I didn't. Whether at home or in Ithaca, ordering from and eating Chipotle is always a good time. I really just don't think you can go wrong with any order from here if you pick the toppings you like (although this is my personal favorite). 

Chipotle Burrito Bowl, burrito bowl, Chipotle
Jocelyn Hsu

6. Friendly's

Okay Friendly's is not normally my thing. I'm pretty picky about my ice cream, so I usually prefer other shops. However, I must say that when my friend ordered the Friendly's Reese's-inspired sundae one Saturday night it was hands-down the best sundae I've ever tasted. If you're like me, and you like chocolate, peanut-butter, and, of course, ice cream, you must not turn away from Friendly's until you try this sundae. It doesn't deserve to have the Friendly's branding associated with it. Trust me.


Alright, we've reached that point in the article. Above are my top six options for the best delivery options in Ithaca (not that we have a lot more than six anyway). Don't feel like walking into Collegetown? Not in the mood for a stroll through The Commons? Ordering out is probably going to become your best friend. I've only been in college a semester, and it's already become mine.

I promise my descriptions of each of these Ithacan spots do any of them justice. So, you still do not feel like leaving bed? All five of these restaurants, along with still others that I’ve yet to try (but will soon, don't you worry...), are available on either Grubhub and Uber Eats for delivery. So, whether you’re sick, tired, or neither, hit up my go-to’s and save me a bite. Happy eating!