Great music at music festivals is expected, and Voodoo Music Fest in New Orleans is no exception. With performers like The Weeknd and G-Eazy, it's easy to forget that there's another aspect of the festival that deserves its own stage: the food. Yes, you read that correctly– Voodoo Fest's food is not your average, overpriced concert fare.

Below, after considerable "research" (aka, lots of eating), I was able to compile a list of dishes that were as awe-inspiring as witnessing Cage The Elephant perform live. For those of you who missed out this year, let this list be your incentive to attend Voodoo Fest next year.

1. Crawfish Ravioli from Peck's Seafood

shrimp, garlic, sauce
Rachel Wine

Of course there were a considerable amount of seafood dishes available at Voodoo Fest (it is New Orleans after all), but this creamy, fried crawfish ravioli made a lasting impact. Let’s just say it was difficult to part with after sampling a bite.

2. Debris Stuffed Baked Potato from Ernst Cafe

Rachel Wine

This was one large, very filling potato– perfect fuel for powering through the second day of Voodoo. For those tired of the regular, old baked potato, this dressed up and gravy-smothered version is the perfect update. Can't wait until next Voodoo Fest to spice up your baked potato? Try these 24 variations here.

3. Pastalaya with Pork and Sausage from Cafe Navarre

cheese, poutine, bacon, sausage, beef, french fries
Rachel Wine

While we know that jambalaya is perfect the way it is, it can’t hurt to switch it up occasionally, which is exactly why this dish made the list. Pasta plus all the classic jambalaya ingredients– andouille sausage, Cajun spices, and peppers– can’t (and didn’t) fail to impress.  

4. Mini Donuts from Amusement Park Booths

doughnut, cinnamon, pumpkin, chocolate, apple
Rachel Wine

I’ve always been in the opinion that "hot" is the best state in which to consume a donut (shoutout to Krispy Kreme's "Hot Now" sign). While not everyone always agrees with me, those who got a sample of these warm, just-fried cinnamon and sugar dusted donuts were more than satisfied. Truly, it never hurts to expand your donut horizons

5. Swirl Soft Serve from Amusement Park Booths

ice, tea, ice cream, cream, chocolate, coffee
Rachel Wine

Never change, soft serve ice cream, never change. Though generally considered typical festival food, cold and creamy ice cream in muggy New Orleans will never cease to be relevant. It might even be a lifesaver. 

6. Krispy Kreme Bread Pudding from Boucherie

cake, pastry, sweet, bread, pie
Rachel Wine

In case you needed more convincing about my love for Krispy Kreme, the second I spotted those words on the Boucherie booth's menu, I knew I had to make it mine no matter the cost. While seemingly just an excuse to add more sugar to already sugary donuts, just a bite of this dessert was enough to make any hesitation float away. 

7. One Pound Cinnamon Roll from Cartozzo's Bakery

cream, cake, sweet, pastry, chocolate, cinnamon roll, cinnamon, candy
Rachel Wine

Let’s just say I was in a state of utter bliss while eating this huge cinnamon roll. By far my favorite food consumed during Voodoo, the experience of slowly peeling the warm pastry layers smothered in sweet icing was one that will live in my dreams for a long time. This was essentially my dinner that night– a fact I don’t regret in the least. However, if you don't have easy access to this particular cinnamon roll, this recipe has you covered.

8. Raspberry-Lime Popsicle with Moscato Wine from Cupcake Vineyards

tea, ice
Gillian Bayer

After reading the name of this unusual pairing, you might be wondering if wine even goes with popsicles. I'm here to definitively answer you with a strong "yes." Not simply limited to the Raspberry-Lime and Moscato pairing above, Cupcake Vineyards offered multiple popsicle-wine pairings that were equally as refreshing.

My theory is that good music and good food make the perfect combination, thus making Voodoo Music and Arts Fest 2016 the best Halloweekend experience possible. If next year's Voodoo is too far away for you, many of these vendors are well-established restaurants, offering these and even more treats year-round.