The Charleston plague is tough to evade, even in the summer. Sickness spreads very easily at CofC because of the amount of people in a small space. The plague can be caught anywhere, from accidentally touching someone in the sea of people crossing Calhoun during class change, to someone coughing on you in class.

There are a lot of opportunities to get the plague; don't even get me started on the amount of germs on that beer pong ball. Anyway, it's late September and I'm already surrounded by people coughing their lungs out in my classes, so I figured something should be done. Check out the following restaurants if the plague has affected you or one of your friends.

1. Ladles

Your momma isn't here to make you chicken noodle soup so be a strong, independent college student and go get your own chicken noodle soup. If you're trying to branch out from chicken noodle, Ladles has you covered with some unique soup options. I would recommend their Greek Lemon Chicken soup because it is a unique twist on a classic chicken noodle.

2. Fire Street Food

chicken, rice, pork
Elise DeVoe

Fire is the perfect place to go if you're stuffed up, because their spicy food will de-stuff you in no time. The worst part about being congested is not being able to taste food. Fire will solve this problem with the array of spices they use in their dishes. If you're tired of eating hot soup and want a fresh option, try the Saigon Noodle Salad (pictured above). It's noodles in a spicy vinaigrette topped with plenty of fresh veggies, so it will perk you right up. 

3. Five Loaves Cafe

When I think of Five Loaves, I think of comfort food. They offer big bowls of warm, cheesy pasta and meats that are fall-apart tender because they've been stewing for hours. Nothing's better when you're sick than a big steaming bowl of food that tastes like home-cooking. You get delicious, homemade meals without paying for a plane ticket home.

4. Persimmon Café

sandwich, cheese, bacon
Kristen Kornbluth

As you already know, CofC Spoon is obsessed with Persimmon, especially when we're sick. From their cheesy sandwiches to their heart-warming soups, they have everything the doctor ordered. And by doctor, I mean our self-prescribed need for Persimmon. If you and your significant other happen to be sick at the same time, make sure to hit up Date Night at Persimmon, where you get two sandwiches, two sides, two drinks, and a custard for $20. 

5. Verde

salad, spinach
Samantha Buckley

If you're more of a salad type than a soup type when you're sick, Verde is the place to go. Their salads are completely customizable so you can get as fancy as your little heart desires. If you're looking for some Southern comfort in your salad, go for the Southern Harvest. All I'm going to say about it is that it has a sweet tea vinaigrette. It doesn't get more southern than that.

6. Saffron Bakery

Just because you’re sick doesn’t mean you have to skip brunch. Saffron offers brunch every Sunday and they have everything from classic southern breakfasts to French toast. Their French toast is made with their homemade brioche bread, which is making me drool just typing it out. Treat yourself to some fancy brunch because you deserve it, even if you’re spreading your sickness all over their restaurant. 

7. 60 Bull Café

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60 Bull has any type of grilled cheese you can imagine. Most doctors would probably not recommend grilled cheese, but sometimes you have to go against doctor’s orders. There is nothing more comforting than ooey gooey cheese when you’re sick, end of discussion. If you’re looking for something healthier, they also have a wide array of salads. But why have salads when you can have grilled cheese? 

8. Queen Street Grocery

Queen Street Grocery has the smoothie for all your sickly needs. They’re named after Charleston streets, so you can rub your knowledge of those streets into tourists’ faces (maybe just in your head). If you’re looking for some non-liquid food to accompany your smoothie, try out their crepes.