Tucson is home to many culinary gems, but sometimes it is hard to decide the best place to eat. Parents can be hard to please so knowing the best spots around campus is crucial. I've done the digging for you, so sit back and check out 7 Tucson Restaurants worth bringing your parents to when they come to visit.


My family and I swear by this place and eat here every time my parents come to town. The menu is full of reasonably priced authentic homemade pasta, pizzas and many other authentic Italian cuisines. Every menu item is sure to be a crowd pleaser

SpoonTip: Share the antipasto as an appetizer and you will definitely not be sorry about it.

La Parrilla Suiza

There are many amazing Mexican restaurants to choose from in Tucson, but La Parrilla Suiza is one of the best place to take your parents when they come to visit. Order one of the multiple parrilladas options as it is one of the top ordered items on the menu. 


Known for their made-at-table salsa, Guadalajara is definitely a stand-out Mexican restaurant. Aside from the amazing salsa, Guadalajara has tons of delicious options to choose from. It's practically guaranteed that you and your family will find something you'll love off the menu. Check out the Mexican paella on the menu if you're feeling really hungry and are in the mood for some seafood.

China Pasta House

This little hole in the wall packs big flavor into every dish it serves. Conveniently located near the university, China Pasta House not only serves many great Chinese dishes but also is convenient for out of towners. Some recommended dishes include the dumplings and spicy hot noodles.

Senae Thai Bistro

This is definitely one of the cutest restaurants located on Congress St. If you're looking for some spice then this may be the place to go with your family. One of the best menu items, in my opinion, is the pad thai. If you're not so into the spice, don't worry, you can decide on which spice level you want the plate to be and they'll accommodate your palate. 

Curry Leaf

Look no further than the Curry Leaf to satisfy your family's craving for Indian food. This place not only serves great food, it is also very accommodating for those following a vegan and or vegetarian diet. Check out the curry or tikka masala on the menu if you're looking for the most authentic Indian options.

Miss Saigon

Have Vietnamese food in mind? Check out Miss Saigon. Some great options include Pho, Hu Tieu, and Mi. Pho, a Vietnamese essential, is a rice noodle soup with beef broth. Hu Tieu is a rice noodle soup with chicken broth. Mi is an egg noodle soup with chicken broth. Pho, Hu Tieu, and Mi are all served with bean sprouts, cilantro, and jalapenos on the side. 

Next time your parents are in town, you have zero excuses when it comes to deciding where to eat for lunch or dinner. Depending on what kind of cuisine you all want to each, these are seven great places to take your parents the next time that they come to visit.