In the 'small big city' of Tucson, there is an abundance of global cuisine. In particular, Tucson is notorious for its authentic Mexican food as it has many influences from Mexico. Naturally, there are countless Mexican restaurants in Tucson that range from affordable to very upscale. For those who have no idea where to begin munching, look no further. Here are my 5 Must-Try Mexican restaurants in Tucson. 

1. Cafe Poca Cosa

This is definitely one of the more pricier restaurants. With an upscale bar seating and dressed up waiters, this is a date worthy spot. A unique feature about this restaurant is the menu changes daily, which always keeps the customer on their toes. If you're feeling adventurous, try out the 'Plato Caso' for dinner and get 'the trio' for customized desserts.

2. Guadalajara Original Grill

"Guads" as it's commonly referred to, is one of the more hyped restaurants in the Tucson area. Located on Prince Rd, the savory dishes (and large margaritas) keep many college students coming back time and time again. You haven't 'colleged' right if you didn't come here for at least one birthday dinner.  With ornate decorations, table-side hand made salsa, and tin foil birthday crowns, you definitely can't go wrong here. Although it might be a little pricier, the large portions and exciting ambiance make up for it. 

3. Maico Restaurant

This is a hidden favorite of many locals in Tucson. Many university students constantly go here, as it is within close proximity to the University of Arizona's campus. Not only is this place notorious for their burritos and tacos, but also known for their speed. This is definitely the place to get take out food, or if you are in a rush! 

4. Birrieria Guadalajara

This is a food stop for the more adventurous at heart. Unlike the other restaurants, this food location is located on the side of the road. With barred windows and aged lettering, it does not seem like a place that would house delicious flautas and soup. There are no english translations, and the simple menus are hand written by the cashier. Come to this 'hole in the wall' if you want authentic flavors and friendly service. 

5. Mariscos Chihuahua 

Another underground favorite, this restaurant is known for their fresh seafood. Marinated with Mexican seasonings and spices, your senses will be captivated upon stepping foot into this humble seafood mecca. If you get the chance, try the 'shrimp with green chile' dish. Served with fresh, fluffy tortillas that melt in your mouth, this restaurant is definitely worth every penny.

With such a variety of cuisines, it's no surprise Tucson is known for rich and flavorful Mexican restaurants. From fried fish and beef broth to margaritas and street tacos, these restaurants are sure to deliver and not disappoint your taste buds.