Royal Oak, a suburb situated 20 minutes away from downtown Detroit, is known as a host to hordes of Metro Detroit motorcycle enthusiasts in the summer. But the best part of Royal Oak is that it’s home to Metro Detroit’s best ice cream, having won numerous awards both online on TripAdvisor and offline in newspapers. If you’re in Detroit this summer you should definitely check it out, and if you’re not, you should change that. That being said, here are the reasons why you should absolutely go cray-cray for Ray’s.

Ray's ice cream

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1. Old school vibe

Ray's ice cream

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Be transported back in time as you enter this dessert wonderland with its 1950s era parlour. This is no doubt the first thing you’ll notice as you walk into this place (other than the queue). This retro vibe is due mainly to the fact that Ray’s has been open since 1958. To top off the old school vibe, they even have a soda fountain. Now this is a real ice cream parlour.

2. Portion

Ray's ice cream

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Man, if I could give an award for the best ice cream portion in the whole world it would go to Ray’s. The kid-size was more like your typical three-scoop ice cream. None of that trendy, ten dollar cone nonsense. Never have I been so satisfied with what I was paying for, especially ice cream. Definitely worth every penny.

3. Flavour Variety

Ray's ice cream

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Other than being lovingly homemade, they have over 60 different ice cream flavours. Fret not, their great variety of homemade flavours are meant to satisfy diverse taste buds. If that doesn’t tempt you, be enchanted by their funky named flavours such as Cookie Monster, Moose Tracks, and Fat Elvis.

4. Service

Ray's ice cream

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If you know Ray’s, you know that there’s always a crazy line-up no matter the time of day. They never seem to run out of customers. The line just goes on and on. Thankfully, the staff at Ray’s were incredibly fast and efficient so you won’t get too tired of waiting for your ice cream.

5. Takeout friendly

Ray's ice cream

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Want to save some ice cream for a rainy day? Ray’s has definitely got you covered. They offer takeout in various flavours. No reservations needed, just pop by and grab ’em to go. Ray’s Ice Cream is also available for purchase across Metro Detroit and even in Beverly Hills in local grocery stores.

6. Fun Themed Cordial Molds

Ray's ice cream

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If ice cream ain’t your cup of tea, check out their cordial molds. They have numerous flavours such Apple, Coffee Brandy, Creme De Menthe, Apple Schnapps, Chocolate Liqueur, Triple Sec, and Grand Marnier. For special occasions, they’ll prepare themed molds to your liking.

7. Instagrammable

Ray's ice cream

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The most important reason of all, the Insta-worthiness. Yes, Insta-worthiness is definitely a reason for you to visit Ray’s. You won’t only solve your sweet tooth craving but you’ll also have a bomb picture for your regular Instagram update. Nothing will rack up those followers like the ice cream’s colourful appearance and the parlour’s historic 50s look.